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Friday, April 13, 2012

Democrat's War on Conservative Women

There have been the standard non apology apologies, backtracking and other Leftist smoke and mirrors when what they really believe and think has light shed on them. Good grief, I read Democrat operative saying the phrase "war on women" was never used by Democrats but was manufactured by Republicans and attributed to Democrats to make Democrats look bad. It's what they are. They can't help themselves. It looked plenty good to Dems until it backfired. Then, well, it's dem 'wascally 'wepublicans fault. Here's Ann Romney's response to the kerfuffle about Ann Rosen's attack on her and stay at home mothers.

Classy and knowledgeable. Ann Romney has dealt with MS and breast cancer, and has done an enormous amount of volunteer work. I know this escapes Leftists, but running a household is a business. Budgeting (something Congress can't seem to do), hiring or outsourcing cleaners, landscapers, grocers, teachers and all the rest. The word economy comes from the Greek, for 'household management'. The Left hates Ann Romney for the same reason they hate Sarah Palin. She's a successful mother, raised kids, walks her talk, and stayed married to the same man.

You can make a sure bet that when Leftists accuse Conservatives or Republicans of something, they are already doing it. The war on women by Democrats has been going on for years. The latest dust up was calling conservative women c**ts and tw**ts and the rest, and they've finally gotten the exposure and double standard noted that has been a long time coming. By the way, the Left has doubled down on this kind of language about conservative women; even about Ann Romney after this issue has become public.

Conservative writer Michelle Malkin gets a bucket load of this daily, along with all the racial slurs (Asian); so many, she fill a whole book with them.

Democrats and other Leftists are in fact the racist, sexist bigots they accuse Republicans and Conservatives of being, and I love it when they get so exposed even the Jurassic Press has to cover it. Extending this a bit further they are anti-Semite and anti-Christian too, and that's getting more revealed now too.

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Evelynne said...

Steven, I will be laughing until my dying day (many years from now) about being criticized by a leftist professor about being "Too firmly entrenched in the traditional male/female role models." The woman was bought and paid for by the cronies of a "feminist" who misappropriated millions and yet defended herself by saying she "couldn't do math" yeah right!! She did enough math to get away with stealing megabucks for a long time, and how are the Dems gonna explain how Kinde Durkee raided their campaign funds? This will be interesting, because Durkee just pled guilty in Federal Court to taking at LEAST $7,000,000.....