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Sunday, April 29, 2012

Father Barron on The Financial Crisis

We’re $trillions in debt, an unimaginable number. Added to that is all our personal debt. Paul Ryan has come up with a budget, two years running that have been attacked, and it really only nibbles at the margins of the problem. If we just stopped what we’re doing now with the spending, and politicians stop stealing money from citizens to line their own pockets, pay bribes and and pay off their donors, three or four generations down the road our fiscal problem may be on the road to recovery. Parents and grand parents, you are enslaving your children and grand children. Is there any shame in this?

Money is also a moral issue. Is it moral for the government to confiscate nearly half of the income of citizens? Is it moral for half the population to support another half that doesn’t pay income tax? Is it moral to spend our great great grandchildren’s income and wealth so we can live large?

Fr. Barron on this issue:  

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