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Saturday, April 21, 2012

"If I wanted America to fail".

A simple cogent observation about jobs, environmentalists, and government.

Governments make things scarce by design. That's the whole thing about Marxist Materialism. It's about things, and the main thing is to make the main thing about limiting things to control everything. Look at your energy bills and how much they've gone up recently. We are told we need to cut back, it saves money and energy. You're using less energy and the energy companies say they need to raise prices to meet their costs because people using less energy brings in less income. Huh? It's true of energy, it's true of income; reducing your income by raising your taxes. Not blatantly, but with hidden fees. It's not the rich getting soaked. It's you and me. Reducing the quality and quantity of your health care. Costs are already skyrocketing and if ObamaCare doesn't get ruled out or overturned, then, like energy costs, your utility costs will go up too; and government will decide who gets what care and how much will be paid. Frightening thing is, half the country thinks this is okay. Frogs in the pot.

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