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Saturday, April 28, 2012

Nixon Redux - Obama's Enemies List.

Nixon had his enemies list, which until leaked was secret. Once it was out there, Leftists crowed proudly they were on it. Obama has an enemies list too, and he makes it quite public, and includes names in his speeches. Nixon’s list was primarily political and media personalities which are semi-political since they support Democrats. The shameless Obama attacks private citizens; all they’ve done is donate to candidates or causes Our Dear Leader objects to.

This is from a “Paid for by Obama for America”, official campaign site. It’s a personal attack on private citizens that have contributed to Romney’s campaign, and portrays them as criminals for doing so. "Quite a few have been on the wrong side of the law..." yet not one of the private citizens mentioned has ever been  brought to trial and certainly not indicted for breaking any laws. SEC, Dept of Justice, and IRS, controlled by Obama can certainly change that. I see this as a direct threat by the government to private citizens for stepping out of line and opposing Our Dear Leader. 

A couple examples from the site:
Sam and Jeffrey Fox: Sam and Jeffrey Fox serve as co-chairman of Romney’s finance operation in Missouri and, together, have donated $220,000 to Romney’s presidential ambitions. They also control the Harbour Group investment firm which bragged about buying an automotive accessories manufacturing company in Kansas in 1997 and moving production to Mexico. In 2002, the Harbour group’s Mexico operation decided to outsource to China because China was “offering incentives and making it easy to open operations there.” The Chinese government awarded Sam Fox the Marco Polo Award for “his company’s role in China’s economic development and his humanitarian contributions to that country.” 
 Kent Burton: Kent Burton is one of Romney’s new bundlers who raised more than $25,000 in one month for Romney’s campaign. He is also a registered lobbyist for a wide array of energy clients, including Marathon Oil and Shell Oil.
 OH MY GOD! A braggart and a registered lobbyist! Filthy capitalist running dogs! They invest in companies that employ people and generate income! The horror! As if the Bamster has no filthy capitalist running dogs not only donating to his $billion campaign (reportedly) but work for him; plus his capitalist running dog czars (along with some self identified communists) that he’s appointed that only report to him and are not answerable to Congress.  

Because this man-child has nothing positive to show from his first term as president, is an abysmal failure, a looser, he has to attack private citizens. Shameful and weak. 

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