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Sunday, May 20, 2012

Keeping in Mind and Praying for Christians Worldwide Being Persecuted

I haven’t written for awhile about the massive persecution of Christians going on in the world. How massive and horrible this is here in a vid. Whether it’s the rather mild sort here, or the violent sort in China, Africa and Indonesia, it’s still persecution. Here’s a summation of what’s been going on in the past few weeks around the world.

The violence against Christians in Indonesia is non-stop by Muslims, the “religion of peace”. There’s a Christian neighborhood in the Moluccas that suffered three days of attacks, against people and the burning down of businesses and homes. The government is mostly silent about these, and denies any involvement by Muslims. In Singkil the government has shut down 16 churches because they didn’t have the right permits. Muslims had been having rallies to shut down the churches, and the government said these shutdowns were not influenced by the rallies. When our church was setting up for Miracle League (a baseball program for disabled children), we had to get all kinds of permits for the church, the cost of which nearly closed us down. God intervened and protected us from city bureaucrats and intolerant, bigoted secularist judges.

Real estate developers (government officials) in the city of Zou Gang, China, demolished a church. The church had been in negotiations for relocation due to city expansion. What happened though is one day about 100 government workers built a trench around the church where about 500 people worship, and isolated it.  That was in August of last year and April this year they broke into the church, dragged the people there out, and started destroying it. By the way, the Chinese government tells the churches how they can worship and what they can say or believe. Kinda like Obama and the Democrats.

Things are pretty bad in Laos. Two pastors were detained for “unauthorized worship” and evangelism, and they were ordered to take down their crosses. They refused saying it’s a religious symbol like others, and those were allowed to be displayed. I can’t help but notice the number of crosses being taken down in our country. There are about 200,000 Christians in Laos, and persecution is increasing.

Nigeria may be the worst. The government has turn a blind eye to bombs blowing up churches while people are inside worshipping, grenades being thrown in while people are worshipping, congregants being gunned down leaving church, and the homes of Christians being attacked. Hundreds of Christians have been murdered.

Not to forget what’s happening to Christians in the Middle East, especially in Egypt.

Christians in these and other countries are brave and being martyred. What we have to put up with here are minor inconveniences in comparison. We must remember them in our daily prayers.

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