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Tuesday, May 15, 2012

Sometimes Cheering Failure is a Good Thing

Glad to see this didn’t last the season out, and has been canceled. ABC has a horrible line up and this was one of the latest. A show insulting and demeaning Christians, GCB, which changed from the original title “Good Christian Bitches” to “Good Christian Belles”, was supposed to be what? Satirical, humorous, intentionally insulting? Given the anti-Christian bigotry and religious intolerance of the secularist entertainment industry, who knows? Maybe all the above?

I of course haven’t bothered to watch the show, and one’s open to criticism for criticizing that which was not read or viewed. I have read the promos and story line, and ABC producers and writers make it clear this was a program to show the hypocrisy of Christians. This no doubt was viewed as an act of bravery on their part. Of course it isn’t brave when attacking a group that for the most part doesn’t even defend itself. Do the same with Muslims and see what happens. GMB, Good Muslim Bitches.

And of course they all get to keep their money for failure and continue on in their jobs creating and producing yet more horrible shows. 

Another disturbing part of this is some Christians watched this. A woman in our Bible study group watches it and finds it entertaining. I bit my tongue when she said so. I make every attempt to keep to the subject when at Bible study, and given that I’m a Christian Zealot, it’s tough; need to take the long view and let God’s teaching, scripture, do the mind and soul changing.

Learning what Christianity is takes years. Living by it is a huge lifelong challenge. A main challenge is once you make an affirmation of what you are, and fall short, you’re a hypocrite. One of the stars of the show, Kristin Chenoweth, proclaims herself a Christian. She’s defended the show. I can’t imagine how she’s reconciling and justifying a show that bashes her Faith, let alone participate in it.

Good riddance.

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