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Monday, May 28, 2012

America's Got Talent and It Ain't Howard Stern

The unadorable Howard Stern, the self proclaimed "King of All Media" got the amoral secularist press all excited when he was offered and accepted the role of judge for "America's Got Talent". I've watched all the seasons, and was well entertained. I managed to get through season one with bottom sucking Jerry Springer as host. His claim to fame was getting losers on stage and incite them to scream at each other and fight. He was a lousy "Talent" host to top that off. Now we have Stern, who's claim to fame is bringing losers to his radio studio and talking mostly about deviant sexual behavior.

Whatever floats your boat, but Stern I find to be just unlikable. He appeals to New Yorkers and those that identify with whatever it is about Stern's show that attracts them. I have no idea what qualifies him to judge singers, dancers, magicians, ventriloquists, and the rest. I know I'm certainly a better judge of those things. With Stern it's all about him. He had the show moved to New York. This show should be all over America; it's about American talent, not about a New York egotist.

The producers of the show couldn't find a singer or dancer or entertainment personality, or a producer of such?  It's the myopia and elitism of the entertainment industry thinking the rest of America has the same interests and values they do. Fail.

So how's the show doing? Week one of the new season had 10.5 million viewers. Last year the opening show had 15.3 million viewers. Lowest rating since the show started in 2006.

We can't know if Stern is the reason for the drop. He was hired to boost ratings. If they don't go up during the season... Fail. I for one will skip this season, and if he remains will be done with the show. I've got Netflix and my Kindle for entertainment. There are some people we just don't like. Stern, for me, is one of them.

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Anonymous said...

First of all, I'd like to say I am not a huge Stern fan myself. However, I think he has been doing a pretty good job as a judge on AGT.

Second, you would have alot more credibility if you got your facts straight:

1 Jerry Springer was not the host during Season 1, Regis Philban was. Springer did not start until season 2.

2. You say that the reason that the opening shows ratings were down from last year, you do not take into account that the show started two weeks ealier this year. The first episode was up against Dancing with the Stars Finale show. Last year the first show was up against virtually no competition.

It seams to me that you came into this season hating Howard Stern and have no desire to let facts overcome your pre-conceived feelings about him.

I don't know whether Stern will be good or bad for the show, but you can not make a judgement based on the first week. How about we make that judgement after the last week????