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Thursday, October 20, 2011

Romney Uses Leftist Slime Tactics Against Perry

I'm terrified the early caucus states will vote Romney, following the usual Republican trend of selecting the next in line endorsed by the Rockefeller wing of the Party and we Conservatives will be forced to vote for him. He will no doubt be an improvement over Obama, but not by much. He's pro-global warming alarmist, pro-government controlled healthcare, and thinks it's okay to cave, compromise and "get along" with the Statist Democrats. He is not a Conservative, he's Democrat Lite, a RINO of the worst sort. This vid attack ad on Perry is yet another example of Romney's Leftist leanings, using their tactic of just piling on lies, slimming and smearing.

There is not one truth in this, and no, I don't support Perry. I did, but he let his media "handlers" control him and he quit speaking accomplishments, his record and how he'll apply it at the national level. He comes across as false and untrustworthy as a result. And yes, debate ability is important. Many citizens aren't going to pay attention before the presidential debates, the moderators are all going to be Leftist spokesmen for Obama and the Democrat Party. The Republican nominee has to be able and willing to expose them for what they are as well as pound Obama's willingness and desire to crush the US economy and make us a second rate country.  

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