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Sunday, October 2, 2011

Our Anti-Christian, Anti-Catholic (Specifically) Administration

It’s not enough that we have an anti-Semitic Executive Branch, but it’s also virulently anti-Catholic specifically and anti-Christian generally. The Obama Administration is violating the Constitution (which it has done on several occasions) by not acknowledging the Establishment Clause, “Congress shall make no law respecting an establishment of religion, or prohibiting the free exercise thereof…”

The Administration is using Health and Human Services (HHS) to shut down Catholic institutions. The Patient Protection and Affordable Care Act., aka Obamacare, requires all health plans pay for contraceptives, sterilizations and information on how to use both. Catholics of course don’t use contraceptives and sterilization, and their institutions certainly don’t want to be advocates for them.

The Administration claims the Catholic Church can opt out. The catch to that is the organization can do so only when it serves its own group pretty much exclusively. Catholic services such as foster care, adoption, feeding the poor and now health care, serve much more than that, any they don’t only hire Catholics to provide these services. Since that’s the situation, the Catholic Church is being forced to make a decision to obey the government or suspend these services. If the Catholic Church were to restrict itself to only serving and employing Catholics, one can only imagine the hue and cry of bigotry and exclusion.

This intervening of the government into religious practices extends into marriage. Current pushes by government to make homosexual marriage acceptable, against the wishes of a majority of Americans, forces the hand of not just the Catholic Church but Protestant ones too. This Administration no longer supports the “Defense of Marriage Act”, that marriage is between a man and a woman. Archbishop Timothy Dolan wrote a letter to the President expressing his concern the Administration no longer supports marriage being between a man and a woman. He states:
“…This past spring the Justice Department announced that it would no longer defend the Defense of Marriage Act (DOMA) in court, a decision strongly opposed by the Catholic Bishops of the United States and many others.  Now the Justice Department has shifted from not defending DOMA—which is problem enough, given the duty of the executive branch to enforce even laws it disfavors—to actively attacking DOMA’s constitutionality.
“…That is why it is particularly upsetting, Mr. President, when your Administration, through the various court documents, pronouncements and policies identified in the attached analysis, attributes to those who support DOMA a motivation rooted in prejudice and bias.  It is especially wrong and unfair to equate opposition to redefining marriage with either intentional or willfully ignorant racial discrimination, as your Administration insists on doing.
Full letter here.
By engaging in these acts of government regulations of what the Church can and cannot do, in violation of the Constitution, the Obama Administration can effectively shut them down or force them to comply in contradiction to the teachings, traditions, values and beliefs of the Catholic Church specifically and Christians generally. The government mandate is jettison your Faith and obey the government, or they shut you down. The bigotry against Christianity is so deep in government that they would rather see the poor not served, those hurting not helped, than them being disobeyed. The essence of this is the government must shut down Christianity to ensure they replace God with themselves to be obeyed and worshipped. This historically has been the modus operandi of every totalitarian government. 


Anonymous said...

Perhaps then prefer the world-view presented in this short video clip.

the last figure is the numeral 0

Goebbels would have loved this.

I would argue that this video presents stark confirmation of the accurate prediction by Sinclair Lewis that Fascism WOULD come to America in the name of "freedom", waving a flag in one hand, and carrying a Bible in the other.

Metaphysical Peregrine said...

@Anonymous: I write about the oppression of the Church by the government, and you quote a Communist talking about oppression of people by Christians? I know you are only able to stay on your Leftist/Secularist bigoted script, but how about applying it appropriately?