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Sunday, October 30, 2011

Religion in the News in Just the Past Week

Michelle Obama recently stated if a Republican wins the White House the first amendment will be shredded and shelved; there would no longer be freedom of religion. This is rich considering more Democrats believe in UFO’s than God, and is the Party that promotes anti-Christian bigotry, secularism, anti-traditionalism, and anti-Semitism. She included that free speech will end; also rich considering they are the propagators of political correctness; which is being only able to say what they approve of.

Jesus said lots of people are going to despise anyone who believed and practiced what he taught. Indeed. "Then they will deliver you up to tribulation and kill you, and you will be hated by all nations for My name's sake." Christians are being jailed and killed in the tens of thousands worldwide. I'm grateful that's not happening here, yet. If our government (and Europe's) keeps bending to Sharia Law, all bets are off.  Here is some religion news from the past week.

Atheists are ramping up for their anti-Christian Hate Festival, also known as Christmas by many.  Backyard Skeptics, an atheist group in Orange County, put up a billboard with a quote from Thomas Jefferson, “I do not find in Christianity one redeeming feature. It is founded on fables and mythology.” Problem was Jefferson never wrote it, or was quoted saying it. The billboard was taken down. Atheists spend an inordinate amount of time attacking Christians, which is counterintuitive since God doesn’t exist; why bother? It’s odd so much time is spent attacking people that believe in something that doesn’t exist. This same group showed its tolerance and courage about a month ago standing on a pier in Huntington Beach tearing up a Bible. (Last week while the Pope was having Mass, a knucklehead got on a ledge and burned a Bible. They’re everywhere.) Courage is mentioned here because they don’t attack Muslims, also a monotheistic religion. There will be more of the same expressions of hate and intolerance in the next couple months as we get into our celebration of Baby Jesus’ birth. Atheists have nothing positive and uplifting to offer, no love, compassion, charity or care, so they preach a message of hate and intolerance.

Going overseas a bit, there’s a play in Paris, part of which includes the throwing of feces at Jesus Christ’s face. Understandably Christians aren’t happy with this and gathered in protest. The Christians are being branded as “fundamentalists” (the label bigots toss at anyone professing Christianity, excluding false Christians that claim the Faith but put Marxism first). The mayor of Paris is having the city file a lawsuit against the protesters. It’s apparently okay for everyone else to protest against stuff that angers them, just not Christians. I wonder if the coward that wrote the play, “Sur le Concept du Visage du fils de Dieu” (”On the Concept of the Son of God’s Face”), by Italian Romeo Castellucci, would write a play with feces being thrown at the face of Mohammed. The mayor of Paris, by the way, let Muslims rampage through the streets of Paris, striking fear into citizens and destroying $millions of property.  He allows them to block traffic and disrupt business when Muslims do their prayer ritual, as does the anti-Christian London mayor and government.

The Wall Street Occupy protesters in London camped out on the steps of St Paul’s Cathedral. The cathedral closed, one would guess to protect it. The Western Anglican Church has rejected Christianity and embraced Marxism and the rest of the Left’s agenda. The leadership of the Church saw the closing as a threat, being damaging to Christianity, so had it reopened. Actually the threat was damage to the cathedral. Protecting historical property, or any property for that matter, is a wise thing to do; especially if people camped on your steps are anti-Christian and anti-property. Of course London government, like Paris’ government, and the most of the leadership of the Episcopal Church, are more interested in embracing and practicing Leftist ideology that embracing Jesus Christ. The Episcopal Church by the way, is in dire straights, there being a huge split between those that want to adhere to the Word of God and Christian beliefs and those that want to put that second to Leftist secular political and socio-cultural ideology.

The Catholic Church is also playing with Leftist secular political, socio-cultural ideology. The Vatican’s Pontifical Council for Justice and Peace published a document, ”Towards Reforming the International Financial and Monetary Systems in the Context of a Global Public Authority,” advocating for the international redistribution of wealth and an international global authority to control the flow of money, overriding national economic sovereignty. Supposedly this would create a moral and ethical guide to economics. Really and truly? Good grief. International socialism is the answer? Not God? There’s no way international leaders that hate Christianity would be guided by ethics and moral laid out in Judeo-Christian Scripture. Their scripture is the Communist Manifesto.

Coptic Christians in Egypt are fleeing and being murdered. No word from the Islamist supporting President of the United States.

Back to atheists’ antics in this country, there was a brush up in the town of Whiteville, TN. There was a cross on the top of a water tower that upset them. Don’t understand why; it represents something that doesn’t exist. The Freedom From Religion Foundation (FFRF) had brought suit, and the town couldn’t afford the legal battle. The mayor was going to move the cross to another location, but instead had one of the arms cut off so it was no longer a cross. Hoot! The citizens liked this so much, hundreds of crosses have popped up all over town on private property and now they’re everywhere. The intolerant bigots of the FFRF have withdrawn their lawsuit. Freedom from religion; who's making them worship, pray, convert, believe? Seems they're already free from religion. 

Bigotry and hated against Christians is on the rise while Islamists are given a pass. Governments support anti-Semitism and anti-Christianity. Reason being governments need to take religion, especially Christianity, out of the equation because we are to render unto Caesar what is Caesar’s and God what is His. Governments want everything rendered unto them and only them. I’m saddened the Episcopal  Church, the Catholic Church and so many of the Protestant Denominations (including the national leadership of my own First Christian Church [Disciples of Christ]) embrace Marxism, Liberation Theology, and the acceptance of cultural and social mores antithetical to Jesus and the Apostle Paul’s teachings.

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