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Sunday, October 9, 2011

If I Were a Liberal\Democrat I Would Be Concerned Because This Is What the Democrat Party Represents

I've written many times on this blog the Left, officially represented by the Democrat Party, is racist, homophobic and violent. There are vids of Pelosi, Reid and Obama making supporting statements of the "Occupy" protests. This is born out by the vids below, taken during the "Occupy Wall Street" and the other offshoot "Occupy" protests than sprang up the past week. Obama, Pelosi, Reid and other Democrat leaders that called the TEA Party violent and racist support these knuckleheads. TEA Party protests had mom and dad in Docker khaki's and sundress with little daughter or son that picked up the trash and put it in the proper receptacle. There were no clashes with the police, no breaking into buildings, no public defecation, no fights, no destruction of property, no arrests. The Leftists and Dems are against civil, legal behavior and support the kind of behavior shown below.

Invading the Air Space Museum. These anti-coporationists are using smart phones, cameras, one guy has a Panasonic shirt on. Don't remember any TEA Party protesters doing anything like this.

Homophobic Leftists. Can you imagine if a TEA Party person said this. It would be the lede story on CBS, MSNBC, NBC, ABC, CNN...

Leftist Protester taking a shit on a police car. Never saw a TEA Party protester do anything like this.

About 700 Leftist protesters get arrested. How many TEA Party protesters have been arrested? 0

Those TEA Party people are crazy. Indeed.

In San Francisco, in your face, and don't even know what they're protesting. TEA Party protesters are very clear...Less Taxes (Taxed Enough Already) and smaller government.

Leftist Anti-Semitism

More Leftist Anti-Semitism. President Obama is a Jewish puppet.

All this, supported by the Democrat Party, Unions, Communist Party of America.

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