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Monday, May 2, 2011

Dems Budget Plan to Save Old People, Save Babies, and Create Perfection in the Universe

The last post here observed the Dems had not offered any budget solutions of their own, only play the old saw about how because of the Republican budget proposal, old people will die homeless, and babies will starve, blah blah blah. Then it dawned on me, they do have a budget solution, playing the same old saw.

Raise the top tax rate from 37% to 47%.
Raise capital gains taxes.
Raise the death tax.
Raise payroll taxes.
Raise tariffs.
Raise small business taxes.
Raise corporate taxes.
Raise taxes on dividends.

Increase spending.
Borrow more money.
Print more money.

Right now every man woman and child in America owes $45, 903. 

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