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Monday, December 14, 2009

Hockey Sticks and Liars

These are the graphs of the great weather "hockey stick" that all the Statist media and gov't Statists, Gaia worshipers, etc., have been using to say that global warming is man made. It's from the Summary for Policymakers’ of the 2001 Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change (IPCC) report. It shows temperature dropping then a huge upswing in temperature. Except it didn't happen. What happened after 1961 is a drop in temperature, but it was obscured by some other large colorful lines. Of course the MSM didn't do any 'investigative reporting', it might reveal an inconvenient truth.

Thing is, it was warmer in 1000 CE than it is now. I'm not a professional historian, but I don't remember reading about any factories or cars and whatever during that period. Greenland used to be green to. Plus the global temp has been dropping for the last ten years.

As to the emails revealing this scam. If they were emails that embarrassed Conservatives or Christians, this would be whistle blowing, and the contents would be important. That they show alleged scientists to be political hacks, gov't lap dogs and liars, well then, the publishing of the letters is the outrage, not the content.

As to the alleged scientists calling other scientists names and saying nasty things about them; at one time, when science was actually science, peer review was the standard. As bad in science classes as I was, I remember every experiment had to be re-done and get the same result to be accepted. The alleged scientists language is political and not scientific, using "consensus". Politicians reach consensus. Science is to show something is or is not, or it's under investigation. Period.

I think the alleged scientists should apologize to the Catholic Church. They've been pounding on the Church for dragging its feet acknowledging the correctness of scientific discoveries. At least the church didn't tell big ol' whoppin' lies just to make a buck.

Does 'science fiction' have a new definition now?

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