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Thursday, December 10, 2009

Leftists Fallon & Maddow Speak Hate to Truth

Jimmy Fallon and Rachel lament that the tomato thrown at Sarah Palin didn't hit her. Vile. But what else does one expect from Leftists? They are fueled by hatred and lies.

JIMMY FALLON: Did you hear about what’s going on with Sarah Palin, she got tomatoes thrown at her?

MADDOW: Oh, yeah, she was speaking at a mall, and a man showed up with tomatoes to throw at her, – it’s always a bad idea, you know, to throw projectiles at anybody in public life – but, unfortunately, the guy had a bad arm, missed Sarah Palin, hit a cop.

FALLON: That’s where you made your mistake, right there. You don’t want to.

MADDOW: Yeah, he’s in the pokey.

FALLON: Yeah, got a bad arm, yeah. Didn’t hit her at all?


FALLON: Didn’t come close?


FALLON: Awful.


MADDOW: No, I think that’s why, I mean, that’s, it’s sort of the, I don’t promote throwing food at anybody, but if you’re, like, you throw something big, like, if you throw a pie, it’s a big thing, so you miss less.

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