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Sunday, December 6, 2009

Minarets-Sign Posts for One Way Streets

Some have lashed out and condemned the Swiss for recently voting to outlaw minarets atop Islamic places of worship in their country. It's undemocratic! It's intolerant! It's a human rights violation! It's obvious that Islam is an imperialistic State religion, and the destruction of western civilization and the imposition of Sharia law on the whole planet is their goal; and they will use force to accomplish this goal.

Where's the other outrage? Orthodox Christians in Turkey can't build seminaries and churches. In fact all Christians in that country have been subjugated and even brutalized for centuries. In the best of times they're second class citizens.

Slaughtered Christians in the Sudan. Just because they aren't Muslim.

Christians in China are made slaves and put in work camps.

Christians in North Korea, murdered just for being Christians.

Islamists go to other nations, riot, murder, and the men beat and murder women, saying Sharia law says it's okay; that Western law does not have to be obeyed.

Can you have a Christian church in Saudi Arabia? There you can't even even wear a necklace with a Cross. You'll be stoned or beaten. Religious freedom in Indonesia, Egypt, Pakistan?

Coptic Christians in Egypt are treated most horribly.

What happens to a Christian that converts to Islam? What happens to a Muslim that converts to Christianity?

What did Muslims do to the Hagia Sophia? Turned it into a mosque. What did the Muslims do to the remains of the Jewish temple in Jerusalem? Built a mosque on top. And they're angry because they can't put up a couple minarets?

This is an one way religion. It's a State religion. It's a 6th Century religion that holds on to and practices 6th Century tribalism and imperialism.

And they're ticked off that the Swiss say, hey, no minarets?

If these guys think Sharia law is so great, that the resultant society is so great, go live in that society. Why'd they leave in the first place if it's so great? If they want to yell "intolerance" and "bigotry" they had better get their own house in order, and make this a two way street.

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