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Wednesday, December 2, 2009

Liberal Compassion

Liberals are big on compassion. They say it's what motivates. Taking care of the masses.

In the name of compassion we have a lenient justice system. Thousands of rapists, pedophiles and murderers are let loose on our streets every year. Maurice Clemmons just the latest example. How compassionate is it to endanger and strike fear into ordinary citizens? Mike Huckabee BTW let out over a thousand thugs during his governorship. How compassionate is it that citizens don't feel safe on their own streets?

Liberals take about half of each working citizen's income in the form of fees and taxes. How compassionate is it to reduce working citizens' income (about half when said and done) so much they have to struggle to maintain their own lives?

Liberals lowered the deduction on charitable giving. How compassionate is it punish givers? How is it that this shows compassion to the receivers of charity?

Liberals have reduced education to indoctrination, so kids come out of school lacking knowledge and skills. How compassionate is it not prepare our children for life?

The war on poverty has cost trillions and destroyed millions of families. How is it compassionate making families fail?

I submit Liberals are putting a good name on evil behavior, and I pray enough citizens keep pushing back against Statists, knowing that families work, people keeping their earnings works, keeping bad people in jail works, that charity works.

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