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Sunday, August 5, 2012

The End of Obamaland is at Hand

Even Leftists have to have jobs, feed their kids and pay for their housing. No amount of excuses and lies, spins and deceptions can cover the fact Obama's presidency is toast. Even during the summer, vacation time, no school time, generally play time for citizens, the unemployment numbers are glaringly bad. Over a $trillion a year is added to the debt. Energy and gas costs are up. Houses are loosing value. Food stamp dependence is up. Homelessness is up. He's attacked the Catholic Church. He and his political party have forced a health care program that less than half of citizens want or wanted. Doctors are beginning to leave their jobs. Health costs are rising. I think even Leftists are coming to the realization our country is in grave danger of cultural and economic collapse.

I suspect 40%-43% of the country will vote for devastation and failure no matter what. They will do so because Obama is black and\or believe in communist ideology. It's an amazing thing so many would rather live under tyranny rather than be free.

Obama came to office with his way paved by others, and didn't rise to power by merit. I'm reminded when I write this, he and the Democrats keep trying to make an issue of Romney's wealth, which was developed over a long period of time with great risk and investment, not to say a mastery of business and economics. Obama never invested anything of his own, never risked anything, and never mastered anything. He's a charlatan. That word comes from the French, a seller of medicines which do not work, a swindler that does this for money and fame. When caught, especially in America, they were run out of town, tarred and feathered. We're much more civilized now, Obama will simply be voted out of office. If what happened in the 2010 elections when over 60 House and Senate seats were lost by the Democrats, and the recent win by Ted Cruz in Texas, plus the win over government\Democrat supported union thugs in Wisconsin is an indicator taken seriously, it has to be Obama and the Dems recognize their backs are against the political wall.

Citizens can see, even feel, the failure of results generated by this president. They don't need to get in the weeds of economics and politics, all his violations of the Constitution he's engaged in, to know, this man is a failure, and his failures are dividing and destroying this country. By him and his party attacking what nearly everyone sees as a decent, hard working, successful businessman and family man; by attacking his wife and children, does not grow the respect for Obama that is needed for a win of the presidency. It's all because there is only failure and blame to run on, no successes to point to.

Even the Re-elect Obama Press can no longer cover what an incompetent fake Obama is. No complacency though. He's getting funds and support from totalitarians all over the world, the funds illegal of course, but the  law never stops this man-child. He and the Democrats will cheat, get a huge number of illegals to vote, and do anything they can to remain in power. The well being of the country be damned.

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