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Saturday, February 20, 2010

Don't Free Tibet

"Free Tibet" has been has been a cause celeb for Lefties for decades. It's a nice cause, and fits perfectly for them because they don't have to actually do anything but have bumper stickers. Are they willing to risk military intervention? Economic sanctions against China? Just what do they advocate to free Tibet?

They may be changing their tune. Statist Issac Stone, writing for the extreme Leftest magazine "Newsweek" claims that Tibet's being enslaved and oppressed by China is good for them.
Tibetans feel chafed by the restrictions on their political and religious freedoms; many are dissatisfied with Chinese rule, and this has led to widespread rioting over the past few years. They want self-determination; fair enough. But that seems to be the only story about Tibet that is ever told. The other story is that, for China's many blunders in mountainous region, it has erected a booming economy there. Looking at growth, standard of living, infrastructure, and GDP, one thing is clear: China has been good for Tibet.

Has been good for them? Only a Statist could think that no freedom, state brutality and slavery can be a good thing. He says that they have a higher GDP because of the occupation of the country
(against the people's will). There's more stuff for them to buy! Only a materialist Marxist would think that having things is more important and better than the rich spiritual heritage and traditions of a great people.

Another good thing for them is that tourism is up. What is it that tourists are seeing? Monasteries have been destroyed or turned into buildings of other functions. Mahayana Buddhism has been essentially destroyed. Tourists see a show, not a wonderful, holy, profound religion being practiced.

Of course "Newsweek" and this Statist writer agree that materialism trumps a spiritual life. So do Communists.

The pro-communist, pro-slavery, pro-imperialist, pro-oppression article ends:

...the government is offering Tibetans the same bargain it has offered the rest of the country: in exchange for an astronomical rise in living standards, the government requires citizens to relinquish the right to free worship and free speech. The Chinese government has kept its end of the deal. Even if Tibetan residents never signed the contract, they have benefited from its enforcement—a fact Obama might keep in mind when he meets the Dalai Lama.

The whole article here.

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S. R. Piccoli said...

To be free or not to be free, that is the question (for Tibetans). Well, no, actually: the real question (for them) is “How to enjoy the freedom of being not free?”

Sometimes you have to laugh not to cry...