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Monday, September 1, 2014

Leftist Political Cha-ching

You know how Leftists/Democrats are always carping about how Republicans get so much money from rich right wing extremists? Especially recently when Harry “Dusty” Reid a bunch of times went to the well of the Senate and slandered the Koch brothers? First, most of the public don’t even know who they are. Second, why and when did it become okay for powerful senators, public servants, to use their position to attack private citizens? It’s been going on a long time by Dems, but the Jurassic Press doesn’t report it. Reid, by the way, has become a multimillionaire by being just a congress critter. Taking money from rich Leftists and shady real estate deals, that’s the ticket.

Let's look at the top twenty contributors to politics. Of those, this is from the Center for Responsive Politics, only three of the top twenty go to Republicans. There’s a Leftist PAC, ActBlue, paid off $30.2 million to Dems in the 2013-2014 cycle. Then there’s this multibillionaire, Tom Steyer, who has given $20.3 million to Leftist politicians and PACs. Eleven of the top 20 are unions. Not that Dems ever take payouts and payoffs from unions.

Broken down per party, Republicans have garnered $18.5 million, and the Leftists/Dems/Fascist/Socialist totalitarians have been paid $129.3 million. Who’s being paid off?

Were the Koch brothers in the top twenty? Nope. They were #36 in political donations.

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