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Friday, September 19, 2014

The President's Ignoring Legislative Process and Writing Regulations Instead. Any Leftists Concerned About This?

This egoist person fulfilling the office of the President of the United States, thinks he’s above the law; not that his job is to enforce it and the Constitution. I’ve written previously about his abuse of power here. The Left/Dems are certainly taking the short view of using regulations and executive orders to circumvent laws for short term political gain.

The idea they have is short term political gain, not the law and not the Constitution, but to force their ideology upon Citizens. Obama says this is necessary because he’s being blocked by Republicans. Currently there are over 300 bills the Republican controlled House has passed and sent to Congress. It turns out there’s usually that many pending bills waiting in the Senate regardless of who’s ruling that roost. It’s been that way for years, even decades.

The lie of the president is that Republicans are obstructing, not passing bills. All his pet subjects, immigration and environmentalism especially, aren’t getting passed with the outcome he wants. Harry “Dusty” Reid, president of the Senate, has refused to bring any of the legislation passed by the House on those and other subjects for debate and voting for political reasons. They have gone five or six years not passing a budget as required by law. Democrats, with the president, do not obey the law, and there’s no punishment.

Previous presidents dealt with opposition to policies they wanted to enact legally. They found a way to enlist the help of the citizens that forced the hand of legislators (Reagan was brilliant at this) or rewrite a compromise, which is what politics is about. It tempers extremism on both sides of the aisle. Not this guy. He’s a totalitarian extremist. His way or the highway.

Thus we had the issue with the National Labor Relations Board (NLRB). He sent up names of extreme Leftist union thugs for nomination that were not approved by the opposition. Democrats had previously when blocking Republican nominations, set up minute long sessions every three days to keep congress in session so the president couldn’t do “recess appointments”. Republicans used that Democrat tactic. Obama, like the totalitarian he is, appointed his union thugs anyway. It went to the Supreme Court, he lost (even the Leftists on the Court agreed so the ruling was unanimous) because congress was in session. What he did by making the appointments was illegal.

His current pet project is to open the border to Mexico, Central and South America. The political opposition wants to secure the border and enforce the laws regarding immigration. The president couldn’t get the DREAM act passed through legislation, so he ignored it, and wrote a regulation that was in fact the DREAM act (Deferred Actions for Childhood Arrivals [DACA] and made legal lots of illegal [estimated over a million] (criminal) invaders of our country legal.

That’s just a couple of issues as examples of his violating the Constitution, ignoring legislation, and flat out using his totalitarian mindset to force his ideology and hunger for political power upon the citizens.

Imagine if a Republican president had this totalitarian mindset? One of Conservative’s political ‘what if’ games is if a Republican, Christian or Conservative did something a secularist or Leftist did, what would be the consequence. Can you imagine if a Republican president did the same, and for example just wrote executive orders dismantling ObamaCare? How about an executive order not enforcing tax laws on corporations. How about executive orders stating citizens could opt out of ObamaCare if they created a payroll deduction for a medical savings account, or opt out of Social Security if they had payroll deduction for a retirement account. Just going crazy here, how about an executive order that all Democrats could not take tax deductions because we want to help them walk the talk of supporting massive government. That way they wouldn’t be hypocrites. Sorry about the unrealistic last statement, just couldn’t pass it up.

But who, before Obama, thought any president would just ignore the constitution and write legislation and get away with it?

The totalitarian we have running the executive branch, just like his Leftist anti-freedom, anti-Constitutional political party, I think are counting on the Republican Party and Conservatives not to act the same way when they get back in power. Then again I’m thinking, they probably think they will never be out of power. Pray they are wrong.

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