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Friday, September 19, 2014

How Democrats & Jurassic Press Use Indictments When They Loose a Vote or Debate

The alcoholic Democrat Rosemary Lehmberg, that was busted for drunk driving and made a scene during her processing, threatening to have all the officers’ jobs, and ‘don’t you know who I am' idiocy, I wrote about here with the vid of her processing. Her title in Travis County (wholly run by Dems) is the now ironically named the “Public Integrity Unit”. She apparently has trouble with morals, values and ethics, but no nevermind, she’s a Dem. Because they are so short on values, morals, ethics, supporting and obeying the law, they get a pass. In Amerika, if you claim to have any of the above, and fall short, then you’re a liar and a hypocrite.

The night this nasty pushy amoral Democrat was busted (she served about half of the 45 day sentence) her alcohol blood count was about three times over the legal limit. (It was revealed during all this that she had racked up $4500 worth of vodka in the previous 15 months. Comes to about 25 gallons. ) Now we have a convicted criminal in a government position. At one time, if one was convicted of a crime, one stepped down.

Not only did she not step down, she got a corrupt grand jury to indict Governor Rick Perry. (The charge was he approved a contract to a company that had as one of the investors a friend of his.) Perry constitutionally vetoed funding to her corrupt department for the reason she wasn’t fit for the position. Indictments are a tool of Dem's when they can’t win debates or at the polls. Most famously the Travis County TX grand jury, after several attempts were able to indict Republican Conservative Tom Delay on the charge of money laundering. To launder money it first has to be obtained illegally. Delay’s money came from campaign contributions that he partially gave to other Republicans for their campaigns, which is done all the time. Another problem is the law they cited had not been passed, it wasn’t even a law then. The charges and indictments were of course above the fold in the Jurassic Press, and became the meme. What was not reported, except in the Conservative Media, was the Supreme Court threw it out; not guilty; under the laws in place or the new law created just for the purpose of getting Delay out of power. Delay was forced to leave politics to fight the charges and faced bankruptcy. Goal of the Dem's achieved. 

Kay Bailey Hutchison, also of Texas, dealing with one of the most cynical and corrupt politicians, even for a Democrat, was Ronnie Earle (who used to hold the position the alcoholic criminal Democrat now holds). He was ticked at her because he wanted to be appointed to the office she won. He and his cohorts raided her office without a warrant, failed getting together a grand jury until his third try, and they indicted her. The “crime” she was charged with was using her previous office of treasury for personal and political reasons. When it came time for the hearing the lying coward Democrat (but I repeat myself) didn’t even show up. Evidence of the “crime”, if any, could not be used because no warrant. The trial had to be moved out of Austin to Fort Worth, and after 30 min, all charges were dropped. She, like Perry and DeLay, have the word “indictment” attached to them, which the Dems and Jurassic Press will keep reporting and repeating. She, like Delay had to spend a lot of money to defend herself.  Not a word that the indictments did not stick. Nothing to inform the public that really doesn’t pay attention to this stuff what’s really going on.

One last example. Scott Walker of Wisconsin. He has won every political battle against Leftists, union thugs, and Democrats (but I repeat myself).  As a result, the state deficit is a surplus and employment is up, taxes are down. Leftists/Dems are still protesting and trying to run him out of office. They did the indictment thing too. They also ran a “secret investigation”, a step beyond Earle’s warrantless search of Walker and some conservative groups. They brought charges against Walker and the conservative organizations. The mess is a bunch of empty nonsense about some kind of criminal scheme, and the Dems and Jurassic Press shout all across the land the Walker was indicted for criminal behavior. Not a word, except in the Conservative press, the indictment didn’t stick there either.

An interesting sidelight, or reminder for those that pay attention to these things. One of the bits of legislation Walker was trying to get, was definitely going to be a loss for the Dems. To block the vote they couldn’t win, they left the state; not vote could be done. The Texas Democrats did the same thing when they were going to lose a vote.

Some Leftist knucklehead had posted on Facebook some names of indicted Republicans. I commented who? and what for? No answer. Casting aspersions is good enough. Facts need not apply.

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