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Sunday, July 17, 2011

A Politically Incorrect View of the Homosexual Movement in America

We keep hearing the Jurassic Press and "diversity" advocates running out the stat 10% of Americans are homosexual. I've never seen a study that used standard methods to measure the homosexual population that has shown over 3% of the population to be so. UCLA School of Law's Williams Institute, which bills itself, as "a leading think tank dedicated to the field of sexual orientation and gender identity-related law and public policy," looked at four national and two state studies, with the conclusion 1.7% of the population is homosexual and 1.8% bisexual. That being the case, how is it that they have been able to set the cultural agenda regarding child rearing and marriage?

Pretty much who you're poking makes no difference to me, but when one's sexual preferences are used to intimidate and try to embarrass people that don't think alike, then something is amiss; especially in this case where the influencing population is so small. It's Fabianism, a process of taking little steps, being patient until the goal is met. For the gay and lesbian movement, it started out, just don't discriminate (granted for the most part), then civil unions (granted), then (openly) gay in the military (granted). Now, the final blow, the destruction of the traditional marriage and family by granting marriage, at one time a sacred covenant bound by God. Already, of course, polygamists are suing for their multiple spouse marriages, and it won't end there. Already, of course, the military is being pressed to admit cross dressers, transsexuals, transgenders, hermaphrodites, and whatever else. The culture doesn't want marriage redefined to anything the diversity crowed wants it to be. The vid below shows the progression quite clearly. Diversity applies only to what the diversity crowed wants. Beyond that, narrow-minded bigotry and intolerance. Even the word itself, homosexual, is politically incorrect. Plus, gays should be a little more respectful of hetero's; without them they wouldn't have even been born.

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