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Saturday, July 9, 2011

Little Brother and Sister Being Watched Over By Big Brother

We've got Michelle tellin' us we're all fat and to eat our veggies and stuff while Barry, she and the girls stuff their faces with dogs 'n burgers, fries 'n ice cream. Schools districts are making potatoes illegal. Control control control. 

Upping the ante is Colorado Department of Human Services. Some rules for day care centers include television and computer time limited to twenty minutes a day, if you want your kid (if over 2 yrs) to drink whole milk you have to get a doctor’s note, if your kid is over a year old they’re only allowed six ounces of juice per day, and now, winning the political correctness award for the day, is three dolls must be present, representing three races. How come only three?

These are just a very very few of the rules that come down from on high from the national guidelines for daycare, the Early Childhood Environment Rating Scale. This latest installment of governmental overkill, control and political correctness has been under review for a couple years and is to be finalized by mid 2012.

Why do parents put up with this? Mostly they have to because having the State raise their kids is more convenient while they work, and have been conditioned to believe that both parents must work to survive. I had read a study of family budgets a while ago, and for most families, after day care is paid for, fuel for travel to and from work, auto maintenance, taxes and the rest, net income was about the same as having one parent work.

Thinking of Orwell, when kids report their parents for violating Big Brother’s rules, I suppose it would be easier for them if their attachment and love is weakened when they’re trained from the very beginning that the State is their real parents. Takes a village you know.  The progression of progressivism is to destroy the traditional foundations of successful society, dissemble the family and get rid of religion so the State can control all.. I’d say, with this kind of thing, the indications are progressivism is ever so close to ruling the day. 

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