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Friday, July 15, 2011

Obama White House and Suppression of the Press ~~ Specifically Fox News

That the Obama White House and his Ministry of Propaganda, aka the Main Stream Press, aka the ‘lame stream press’, hates Fox News is no secret. The extent that they have actively engaged in lies and have tried to suppress Fox News has been revealed through a Freedom of Information Act filing by Judicial Watch.

Back in 2009 there were a series of events and interviews that Fox News was excluded from. The White House first said that the exclusion of Fox News was an oversight. As if not allowing an international new organization into a room for interviews and press conferences could be a mere accident. What happened behind the scenes then was ABC, CBS, NBC and CNN threatened to boycott interviews with TARP Special Master Kenneth Feinberg if Fox News was allowed in the room.

Fox News reporter Major Garrett was eventually let into the room when it was revealed the White House was specifically blocking Fox News, all the while denying they were. There were emails about this from the White House, which Judicial Watch was finally able to get showing and proving that these actions were deliberate, and not a ‘misunderstanding’.

At the time, Treasury officials claimed that there was no “plot” to exclude Fox News. In a January 2010 New Yorker magazine story, then-press secretary Robert Gibbs told reporter Ken Auletta: “This started over at Treasury, and when it got to the White House it was fixed."
That does not seem to be an accurate claim, given the paper trail. Indeed, it seems that Treasury Department officials wanted to include Fox News and the White House didn’t want the cable outlet included.
At 10:33 a.m. that morning Treasury Department official Jenni Lecompte emailed other Treasury officials with a plan for Feinberg to grant interviews to ABC, CBS, NBC and NPR. Treasury official Andrew Williams asked for time to fit in CNN and Bloomberg.
Lecompte emailed White House official Dag Vega at 11:10 a.m. noting that Treasury was trying to add more interviews for Feinberg to the schedule. She asked: “If we did do Fox in the mix, is that an issue? (understand you would not but if we do is that a problem on your end?)”
Vega wrote to her: “we’d prefer if you skip Fox please.”
Following that comes an eruption of emails after media writers heard that there was an attempt to exclude Fox News. White House deputy communications director Jen Psaki joked about “putting some dead fish in the fox cubby – just cause” and criticized a story on the ensuing kerfuffle by Fox News Channel anchor Bret Baier saying “brett baier just did a stupid piece on it -- but he is a lunatic”.
Full article here.

Bret Baier a lunatic? Just how petty and thin skinned is this administration? Do we really want the President of the United States suppressing news, suppressing freedom of the press? Then of course they lie about it and try to cover it up. Bad.  

Charles Krauthammer on Bret Baier being a lunatic and the hatred of the Left for Fox News:  “For the White House to think Brett Baier, one of the most level-headed people I know, is a lunatic, shows a little bit about the psychology of the people in the White House… It shows you how much Fox News gets under their skin.”

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