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Wednesday, July 13, 2011

Holding a Gun to the Head of Seasoned Citizens

Obama is using the violent language of the Left to lie and scare senior citizens and the military that they won't get their checks unless them 'wascally 'wepublicans let him take more money, increase taxes on the productive. Reminder, about 47% of Americans pay no income tax, they're the wards of the Democrat Party, raised to suckle at the teats of government. Here's the big lie. There are receipts coming into the Treasury every day. August 3rd, the day after the debt ceiling apocalypse, the Treasury will receive about $5-$10 Billion. The Treasury has about $20 Billion cash on hand. That's enough to send out the checks.
The debt ceiling goes up every year. Spending goes up every year. We all know the stupid stuff these politicians spend our money on. The term "spending like drunken sailors" is often used. It's an insult to drunken sailors, who are much more responsible. Here's the right language and the real truth.

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