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Friday, February 10, 2012

Rick Santorum's CPAC 2012 Speech - Impressive

This is the first time since we began this process of picking a presidential candidate for the Republican Party, that I was impressed by Santorum. He talks about founding principles, conservative principles; it would be good to have someone in the White House that could re-teach and advocate for those.

 “Are we going to believe, as our Founders did, that our rights don’t come from the government, that they come from a much higher authority?”… “There are those in the Oval Office who believe that’s not the case, that rights do, in fact, come from the government, and they have gone around convincing the American people that they can give you rights. We see what happens when government gives you rights. When government gives you rights, government can take away those rights. When government gives you rights, they can coerce you in doing things in exercising the rights that they gave you.”

“As a result, government will own because you will have to pay tribute to Washington in order to get the care you need for your children.”

This is well worth the 20 minutes. Impressive, profound, and, strangely enough, moving.

“Why would an undecided voter vote for a candidate the party is not excited about? We need conservatives now to rally for a conservative to go into November, to excite the conservative base, to pull with that excitement moderate voters and to defeat Barack Obama in the fall. … Please walk out of this gathering and choose the candidate that you believe is the right person to lead this country, so you can say, ‘I have done my duty. I have kept my honor.’”


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S. R. Piccoli said...

"Impressive," in my view, is the appropriate word...