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Sunday, May 10, 2015

Leftist Political Leadership in the First Christian Church (Disciples of Christ). Not Christ Lead. I Don't Like It.

More thoughts on the Leftist Materialist direction and world view of my church, First Christian Church (Disciples of Christ) at the national level, led by Sharon Watkins. There are, no doubt, Leftist local DOC churches that put government and politics above God, but I’m sure there a several that would rather have scripturally run churches. I’m one. I know too there are many in my church have the same mindset. I know, and know of, people that have left the DOC because the "leadership" is more interested in the political and cultural zeitgeist than following Christ.

That oligarchy at the top supported the secularist, atheist, homosexualist movements (anti traditional family) and leftist political beliefs in its recent attack on Christians in Indiana. They followed that with supporting the lie that white racist cops are gunning down unarmed Black men.

There is a corruption of our logo, the Chalice /St Andrew’s Cross which is red and white, turning it into a green chalice. This is a political alignment with the Leftist Environmentalists. Blocking oil production to protect the Arctic National Wildlife Refuge (Emergency Resolution) [really this years long argument is still an emergency?], Climate Change, strip mining, seal hunting; the whole Leftist list here. We are, as Christians, to be sure, called upon to be stewards of God’s creation, but all the things on the Green Chalice list are political action, having nothing to do with our Church or Christianity, but everything having to do with submitting to government power. All these issues side with the Democrat Party and the Leftist/totalitarian movements of this nation and world.

The DOC “leadership” advocates welcoming the mass migration of people from south of the border, which is more that can be processed, then make US citizens and church members that are opposed out to be intolerant cold hearted racists. The DOC supports the illegal unconstitutional Dream Act, and all the other illegal immigration executive orders; these things are legislative items, not executive orders; that is illegal. The DOC has the gall to use “the least of these’ scripture to support breaking the law. They are advocates for the president and his political party, Leftist travelers, for breaking the law.

Open borders, millions of illegals (regardless of the reason; violence in their own country for example, then they must deal with it there), the Leftist Environmental movement, siding with atheists, bigots, anti-Semites, and all the rest of it, has nothing to do with, as Aquinas succinctly put it:

To feed the hungry;
    To give drink to the thirsty;
    To clothe the naked;
    To harbour the harbourless;
    To visit the sick;
    To ransom the captive;
    To bury the dead.

The spiritual works of mercy are:

    To instruct the ignorant;
    To counsel the doubtful;
    To admonish sinners;
    To bear wrongs patiently;
    To forgive offences willingly;
    To comfort the afflicted;
    To pray for the living and the dead.

If the DOC is serious about feeding, clothing, the sick, and they are in other countries, then they should go there, increase missionary work, and send them food and clothes. Inviting them to the US, and stressing all taxpayers (not just members of First Christian Church), creating even more unemployment and poverty among our poor who are being dispossessed by even more uneducated/low or unskilled workers illegally coming across our border. They compete with those for government created limited resources and the problems related to high unemployment.

How does the DOC “leadership” think they are doing spiritual works of mercy by siding with totalitarian, anti-Christian, anti-Semitic governments and culture? Our government and anti-Christian cultural elites attack Christian businesses, forcing them do things against teaching and beliefs and the DOC leadership jumps right on.

I suppose I can go on for lots more pages, but I’m thinking I’ve at least started making my point. If DOC in Indiana is serious about putting government and the cultural zeitgeist before God, then they need to consider stepping down.

I’m both angered and saddened that out church “leadership” has put Christ second to the materialist idea that we humans can make life better without God (while using God to justify). They must stop using our Church and scripture to hide behind so they can have political power, or to support the anti-Christian politicians and cultural elites. They have turned their backs on Christ. Pray for them they turn back to Christ.

“The heads of the Church ought therefore to imitate Christ in being affable, adapting Himself to women, laying His hands on children, and washing His disciples’ feet, that they also should do the same to their brethren. But we are such that we seem to go beyond the pride even of the great ones of this world; as to the command of Christ, either not understanding it, or setting it at nought. Like princes we seek hosts to go before us, we make ourselves  awful and difficult of access, especially to the poor, neither approaching them, nor suffering them to approach us.”
― Thomas Aquinas

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