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Sunday, April 26, 2015

Are Christians Going to be Outlawed & Churches Closed Down in America?

Christians are facing the reality of being relegated to our status of ancient Rome. It’s not enough for secularists and atheists and cultural elites that permeate our society to run Christians out of business, they are on the cusp of running churches out of business. The homosexualist movement has moved its attack into direct confrontation with biblically based churches that believe marriage is between a man and a woman. On the 28th April, a couple days from now, oral arguments begin before the Supreme Court to determine if homosexual marriage is a Constitutional right.

Given that the Judicial Branch of our government has pretty much rejected the Constitution unless it fits the current cultural/legal zeitgeist, there’s no telling what they’ll come up with. That decision is supposed to be announced sometime in June.

What can happen is, worst case scenario, the government will dictate that churches not performing same sex marriages loose their tax exempt status. Most churches, not being flush with income, will have to close down. Secularists, atheists, the homosexualist movement, don’t view churches as doing anything good despite massive evidence to the contrary. They see Christianity as evil. 

Support of traditional marriage not only effects churches, but businesses, as seen in the attack on many Christian bakers, photographers, wedding planners, and most notably Chick-fil-A. A side note about them; the student government at John Hopkins University voted to ban Chick-fil-A from campus. There isn’t even a plan, not even talk of putting one on campus. That's how deeply the hatred of Christians is for many in our society. Banning Christians from the public square is the thing to do in our new culture. What else will be effected are Christian outreach organizations like homeless shelters, Christian schools and colleges, any humanitarian Christian organization would be shut down if they refuse to comply with same sex marriage laws. We don't even have to disobey a law, we just have to say we think marriage is between a man and a woman. Marriage laws not written by the way, but when has that ever stopped anti-Christian bigots or the Left/dictatorships in any nation at any time in history?

In true Leftist, Secularists, Atheist fashion, the enemy, in this case biblical Christians, have been marginalized, and now the attack can begin in earnest. With the legal community on board, we can now be criminalized, run out of business, followed by fines and even imprisonment.

I remember homosexuals in the 1970’s saying they just want to be left alone, not marginalized. There were even chants during protests to that effect. Next, and justifiably, they wanted civil and legal protections as couples. This was a good and important development. Now they want to change the meaning of marriage to whatever anyone wants to define it as. If it isn’t between a man and woman, and it can be between same sex couples, then anyone can marry anyone or anything in any combination. There are already people marrying their pets.

Our option as Christians is to look to the book of Acts and restructure ourselves like the ancient Christians did. Though we aren’t (yet) being imprisoned, fined, or killed for our beliefs, we may have to step up like Chinese, North Korean, or Caliphate Christians, and defy the government, the culture, and made up laws. A true test of our Faith is coming. 

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