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Saturday, April 25, 2015

Thoughts on the Nomination of Anti-Constitution Loretta Lynch to US Attorney General

These are the Leftists that identify themselves as Republicans and must be voted out of office. They spend more time and money going after Conservatives and TEA Party members than stopping the totalitarians/Dems that ignore the law, in this case Loretta Lynch.

Dems are delighted with the go ahead of the nomination of Loretta Lynch for US Attorney General. She’ll continue with the unconstitutional, racist, immoral behavior of Holder, and implement Obama’s illegal, unconstitutional requests and regulations.

She said she wasn’t familiar with the legal issues or documents of Fast and Furious that resulted in the death of hundreds and Mexicans and a border patrol officer. Just in case you’re not aware, Holder and Obama illegally sold guns on the border and got lots of people murdered. How can someone asking to be the chief law enforcement officer of the United States not be aware of this? I’m just a working stiff it the Mohave Desert and I’ve always been aware of it from day one.

She said she wasn’t aware of the president’s immigration and amnesty policy. Say what? I’m just a workin’ stiff in the desert, and I know what those (unconstitutional) policies are.

She said she was unclear about the legal status and rights of terrorists in Guantanamo Bay. How could one be asking to be the top law enforcement officer of the land and not know the details of this?

She claimed she was not aware of the rules and laws for background checks for weapons, specifically relating to gun shows. This desert rat knows that too.

Marijuana is federally illegal and she said she won’t enforce the law. I’m for legalization, but she wants to be the number one enforcement officer of the land. The Defense of Marriage Act is Federal law and she will not defend or support that.

She made it clear she’s anti Second Amendment and for banning guns. She, like Obama and Holder took an oath to uphold and support the Constitution. I was sworn in to the Military, Army then Navy, to support the Constitution. I did and do. They don’t. 

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