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Tuesday, May 19, 2015

Moving Out of Snuggly Christianity

I’ve written in the past few posts (just scroll down) about how the church I belong to at the national level has embraced Secular Statism and placed its beliefs, orthodoxy, and aggressive intolerance before Christ and Scripture. The “leadership” of my, and several other mainline Protestant domination's, have jumped to the racist, environmental, gender, central command government model, and that includes attacking Christianity and Jews.  

I’ve wondered for years, given that governments usually end up slaughtering Jews, how and why do they side with government ahead of Yahweh and Torah. It’s because they have made government their religion, and more specifically Statist Atheistic government, their religion. Now western Christians are doing it. I hear stuff being said by Christians, in and out of church saying the darndest things. I’ve got to wonder, if they have read scripture, or if they have do they understand any of it, or if they do, do they believe it.

I hear them side with gay marriage, multiple genders, speech against traditional marriage, pro-abortion, and equality of result in life (in the name of fairness). I have to wonder, if people identifying themselves as Christians professes belief in these things, why?

Fear of the politically correct groupthink crowd? Have they put cultural acceptance ahead of God? Have they put political expediency ahead of God? I can understand, and even acknowledge that kind of thinking, wrong as it is. What is disconcerting are Christians that do put Christ front and center in their lives, yet remain silent or just acquiesce to the hatred, intolerance and bullying.

To those I say, it’s time to speak up, speak back to, challenge. Of course there will be push back, name calling….homophobe, racist, bigot, and the rest that we get thrown at us. This isn’t as bad as what Jesus, the Disciples, Paul and the martyrs experienced. This isn’t ancient Rome, though we do have our self-important politicians and cultural celebrities, our circuses to distract us from the horrors of our civilization brought upon us by those very same people.

If we state what we should, that is from scripture, we will, to be sure, be called out of touch, bigots, haters, insensitive, narrow-minded, intolerant, and all the rest. But like the early Christians, we must speak the truth.

The truth is this. That God created Man and Woman. When Man and Woman come together they become one flesh. From that marriage come children. Those children are sacred human lives, including when they are still in the womb. Made in the image of God. Marriage is sacred, sexual morality as is should be was stated two thousand years ago. This comes from traditional, scriptural, Christian orthodoxy. If we accept that and state it, we are rejecting the zeitgeist, the secularist statist humanist view, and it is more and more at our peril.

Christians must do as Christ commanded, “If anyone wants to be my disciple, let him take up his cross and follow me”. Seems to me there are less and less Christians willing to take up that cross. We’ve been accepted without challenge for a long time. We are all snuggled in our comfort.

Why do so many allow this? Comfort to be sure; so is it that many think they really don’t have to work at their Faith, take the effort to maintain, grow and defend Christianity?

If we are truly disciples we must witness, proclaim the gospel as true. We must be willing to be attacked and insulted. Are you willing to stand with Christ?

Don’t believe it when the forces assembled against us say we can’t win, God is dead, Christianity is dead, the traditional family is dead, traditional marriage is dead, the sanctity of human life is dead, we are only to stand in the judgement of other men and their anti-humane, Godless laws, rules, and punishments.

Only God can judge. Only God’s laws are true and just. Not the people arrayed against the Gospel Truth, Christians and our Churches.

Are you for speaking the gospel? For witnessing God’s word? Stand on the side of truth. Stand with Christ. Have Christian integrity. Walk the talk, live the walk, speak the truth.

Like the early Christians, it’s time to start living outside our comfort zone. We’ll experience discomfort, but at least won’t be eaten by lions or slayed by gladiators.

Step out of the comfort zone. Speak the gospel Truth.    


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