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Friday, September 20, 2013

Fabianism: Arguably the Biggest Threat to Liberty

One of the most effective and dangerous movements and political philosophies, dating back to the late 19th century, is Fabianism. The idea is rather than have a revolutionary overthrow of a government, be patient and incrementally create Progressive\Socialist change. It's the frog in the warming water concept.

There's an actual Fabian Society, formed by Socialists in Britain in 1884. It was influential in laying the foundation for Britain's Labor Party. It continues to be powerful and influential and maintains several think tanks worldwide to guide Socialist governments.

Not surprisingly, at one time it advocated, like all totalitarian philosophies, to control those colored people, so let's kill them at birth. That was the basis for Margaret Sanger's Planned Parenthood. Through Fabianism, that abhorrent idea has been toned down to what we have now; an abortion mill financed by the government, which used to be citizens, but now we're (the few remaining productive ones) just taxpayers footing the bill for politicians, bureaucrats and their paymasters in the unions and several Socialist millionaires and billionaires that have got theirs.

Chipping away at Liberty here in the US, Socialists added income taxes, then added  progressive taxation to that. Then all the New Deal programs allowing the government to insert itself into our lives; reducing it's ability of perform the functions enumerated in the Constitution. In the 1960's were added Medicare and Medicaid, laying the groundwork for Socialized medicine, and currently being implemented by Our Dear Leader, Barack Hussein Obama and his totalitarian political party.

We have moved from local control of education at the beginning of this country, with students actually learning the three "R's" to centralized education. The purpose of that is indoctrination into socialism. That's currently being implemented by the "Common Core" program. Three "R's" need not be applied. Just a couple things "Common Core" focuses on instead is teaching; "informational texts" rather than literature for 50% of the time. Don't teach critical thinking or analysis. Less content knowledge and more about sex and touchy feely stuff.

Bit by bit Fabianism has reduced citizens' income by confiscating it to pay for government programs (depleting personal wealth depletes personal freedom and power), ceased educating students, opened borders, gutted the military, increased dependence on the government for nearly half the population, and now will decide what kind of, and how much we will pay to take care of our bodies through ObamaCare.

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