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Saturday, September 21, 2013

Obama: Intentions and Promises

Before Obama came to power he made statements about his political goals, Socialist intentions, and his pro Islamist support. His stated goals then were a single payer (to the government) health care system, shutting down the energy sector and military, along with anti US and anti Constitutional freedoms, and support of Islamism.

He's done well shutting down coal and oil production on federal land and water, has gotten most of his government (as opposed to personal) controlled health care, and his support of Islam has reached the point where he is sending military weapons to Al Qaeda, sworn enemy of the US. Aiding and abetting the enemy used to be called treason. He supported the Muslim Brotherhood in Egypt, and is supporting Al Qaeda in Syria.

When he ran for the presidency he made some promises that were not carried out, or partially carried out if it fit within his anti American, anti Constitutional world view. Others he just disregarded.

He was going to close Gitmo. Still open.

Remember his complaint about lobbyists, how evil they were, that they had too much control over politics? Then he said he would not have lobbyists in his administration? He has a lot of lobbyists in his administration, and their companies have gotten a lot of special legislation and tax breaks.

He's covered up Benghazi,  the IRS targeting Conservative and Religious groups, NSA spying on ordinary citizens, and lots of other stuff we all know about if we read and listen to other sources than the Jurassic Press. He has secret meetings that blocks the press, even though they advocate for and support everything he says and does. Yet he had said his would be the most transparent administration in history.  

There was his promise ObamaCare would let everyone keep his\her current plan and doctor (it doesn't) and it would lower costs by about $2500 per family per year (it increases by about that much). He said there was an opt out for abortion based on religious views (it doesn't so there's a bunch of law suits). He has forced with this legislation, passed by Dems only in the middle of the night on a holiday, to make every citizen to pay into it even if they don't want to. That is unless you're a friend of Obama, one of his paymasters, or congressmen and their staffers who can opt out; taxpayers will pay the price difference. Oh, and if you're a young person you'll be paying for most of the freight for this program, against your will, yet you voted en mass for him. 

He was going to lower unemployment and it's gone up. It even was over 8% which he said would never happen on his watch. I remember the Jurassic Press and Dems screaming bloody murder whenever, under a Republican Administration unemployment got into the high 4% range. Now 8% is the "new normal" and we must accept it. The 7 point whatever percent  it is now is seen as a recovery and improvement when in fact more people are unemployed, 46 million. More people are underemployed than ever. More people are on food stamps than ever. He was going to create millions of "green jobs". Most went bankrupt after they took and kept the taxpayer money or took the money and opened plants overseas. More Blacks are unemployed than ever yet they voted for him en mass, again, for a second term. 

Black on black violence is up, black on white violence is up. Groups hating each other is up even though he ran saying he would bring groups together. That he would smooth over and negotiate mutually beneficial political resolutions between political parties, yet over the years has stated several times he will not negotiate with Republicans. He has however negotiated with Russian Tsar Putin, leaders of the Muslim Brotherhood, the murderous Syrian dictator, is willing to sit down Hamas and Iran's dictator. He admired Venezuelan dictator Chavez. But Conservative, non-RHINO Republicans and Christians are his (and Democrat Party's) evil enemy.

He said he would slash earmarks out of any budget sent to him, that he would go through each budget line by line. He hasn't. His own budgets have gotten nearly 100% rejection every year, and his Democrat controlled senate has not passed a budget since he came to office, and it's required by law.

I could go on and on, but I think you get my drift. This is the biggest lying incompetent president in our history. We have the least transparent, most law breaking, division producing, most dictatorial, poverty producing presidency ever, and it's breaking our country up.

Don't forget either he also was going to "heal the planet" and "slow the rise of the oceans".

His breaking down our country is breaking my heart.

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