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Sunday, January 13, 2013

Summation of Obama's Record to Now

Just summing up Obama's record so far. Now that he doesn't have the fetters of re-election expect more of this but worse. 

-Record four straight years of trillion dollar deficits

-Only president to preside over the downgrade of the US economy.

-Spent a trillion dollars on a failed ‘stimulus’ plan. Most of that money went to unions that put it back in his campaign coffers, and his Wall Street buddies.

-One-third of the national debt is his.

-Added $5.8 trillion to the national debt.

-Record number of people on food stamps.

-Record number of people on disability (people have found out they can do this when their 99 weeks unemployment runs out). Pelosi and many Dems say unemployment stimulates the economy. Yes, it's on vid. I see stupid people.

-Average income has fallen $5,000 per household. Plus, Jan 1 everybody's taxes went up, not just those make over a quarter $Million a year like he promised over and over.

-Al-Qaeda and Muslim Brotherhood on the rise. He's funding the Muslim Brotherhood.
-Last week he handed Afghanistan back to the Taliban. In a year Karzi will take $Millions out of the county and retire, Taliban will be back in control, with the deal just brokered.

Fast and Furious several hundred dead Mexican's and a dead American.

Four dead American's in Benghazi with a cover-up.  

-He quashed getting oil from Canada, quashed getting oil from federal lands and offshore, paid foreign countries to drill, and forced US to be mostly dependent on enemies of America.

Republicans campaigned on this; Debt, economy, energy, jobs, foreign policy, health care. Dems ran on abortion, contraception, Marxism\class warfare. Dems won, it's no longer "the economy stupid". It's about how people "feel". Used to be and economy was trashed by a president, he was voted out. Now the president is voted in because he say's he "cares" and the other guy doesn't because he earned a lot of money.

Republicans are indeed "the Party of Stupid", though I'm somewhat heartened by what Rubio and Jindal are saying. Our problems are, at the source religious. My prescription here. It's in Biblical principals that work 100% of the time they are applied. The Left's vision and principles fail 100% of the time they are tried. Time to smarten up.

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