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Saturday, January 12, 2013

Piers Morgan Gets Schooled by Ben Shapiro on Gun Rights & Second Amendment

Ben Shapiro
Anti American anti Second Amendment foreigner Piers Morgan gets schooled by Ben Shapiro. What a horrible interviewer Morgan is. He asks a question, and when Shapiro starts to answer, Morgan interrupts. Then if Shapiro gets an answer in, Morgan keeps asking it. Alex Jones name was brought up, who's a conspiracy kook and Truther, is being presented as a conservative by the Left; he isn't, just for the record. I was never a fan of Larry King, but he knew how to interview and let his guests present their beliefs and ideas without being aggressive, intolerant, and forever interrupting. Morgan is an anti American socialist hack and mouthpiece for the Democrat Party. In any case this vid shows what a hack and stupid man Morgan is.

By the way, notice how he referred to the Constitution as this "little book?" 

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