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Sunday, February 12, 2012

Governor Scott Walker's Speech at CPAC 2012

Scott Walker has had the Jurassic Press tell outright lies about him and his policies in support of the corrupt unions. The State Capitol Building was Occupied and $Millions in property damage resulted. Not only did they protest there, they went to his home, not the Governor’s residence and protested. Fourteen Democrat Party State Legislators fled the state to avoid voting on the budget, mostly because collective bargaining (not a right) was going to be taken away from the unions. Judge Maryann Sumi tried blocking publication of what was termed the “budget repair bill”, and after some legal battles she was overturned by the Wisconsin Supreme Court. The Democrat Party and their Union thugs ran a dirty campaign to get a conservative judge thrown off the Supreme Court. There was a recall of some Republican legislators. He faces a recall with money and support nationally from the Democrat Party (and Obama supports this attack) and national union thugs. In the speech below he chronicles this national Leftist attack. As a side note, this President of the United States, proving once again he doesn’t believe in States Rights, has sued a couple states and has weighed in on this attack on a sitting governor. Legislation needs to be passed that state elections and state issues cannot use money from out of state organizations. Because Leftists can do this they can centralize their agenda resulting in everyone having to obey the Federal Government. People should be able to choose to live in states that have a government to respects and has similar political, socio-economic values.

Back to Scott Walker. Some of the things he’s been able to do, in the face of massive national Leftist, Union, Democrat Party opposition is reduce the states $3.6 Billion deficit without tax increases or massive layoffs of state employees.  About $850 in savings to local governments have been seen. School districts can hire and fire based on merit rather than seniority. Tenure is out the window for teachers. I never did get that concept. Every other job I know of, if you don’t produce with a certain level of quality, it results in termination. School property taxes have been reduced. There’s school choice now, citizens with children aren’t forced to attend schools the government says they have to.  

This speech is the keynote speech for the CPAC (Conservative Political Action Conference). Actual speech begins at about 4mins.  

Another side note, linking into one of my pet peeves...when I Googled attacks on Scott Walker, nearly all the results were press attacks on what was termed by them attacks on freedom of whatever by Walker


Anonymous said...

This blog is an amazingly inaccurate load of crap. The author is an idiot.

Metaphysical Peregrine said...

@Anonymous...Your insights, the detail of your arguments to refute my political, socio-economic world view, and my commentaries on religion was just so impressive. If I had such an incisive and penetrating intellect and wit as yours, I wouldn't hide behind "anonymous" but would want to announce to the world who I was.