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Sunday, February 19, 2012

Donald Cardinal Wuerl Responds to Attack on Freedom of Religion

This is a well reasoned defense against this Administration’s and the Democrat Party’s attack on the Catholic Church specifically and religion generally (except Islam, go figure). It’s noted here this goes beyond this unconstitutional attack on religion, but it reaches much deeper into our democracy, and is all about all our liberties.

Note here too Obama saying contraception and the rest will be provided for free by the insurance companies. Free? Does this guy have any clue that things have to be paid for? Part of ObamaCare, as with any socialist program, is the government can tell private companies what to charge for and how much to charge for it. If they can tell a company that, then they can tell you what procedures, care, medicine and all the rest that you will be allowed. I’m absolutely floored nearly half of Americans think it’s a good idea for government bureaucrats to decide what kind of care you get; especially after so many get angry with insurance companies for doing the same. The Political Class, which exempts themselves, will do better? Good grief.  

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