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Saturday, November 28, 2009

Obama Foreign Policy

Obama, once again making events about himself, has left yet another overseas jaunt with nothing. Maybe some loses. Japan had a mission to refuel American ships participating in the Afghanistan war. They have pulled out. Did he get any agreements from China about reducing greenhouse emissions? No. China artificially keeps its currency weak, and will not revalue. They have the US economy in a jam as theirs get stronger. Why would they? Anything done about their support of Iran, including weapons and nuclear support? Obama talks about the US severely reducing our nuclear stockpile. China? Nope. Human rights brought up? Didn't hear a mention of it. Any more help containing North Korea? Nope. He attended a press conference and no questions were allowed. Say what? Any upgrade of our trade status with South Korea? Nothing.

Israel. He criticizes them but gives a pass to Hamas, Palestinians, Iran and their terrorists. Appalling. He went to the Egypt early in his administration, praised their 6th century civilization (what have they done lately other than wreak economic havoc on the world and support terrorism), and demeaned western civilization, the US, and Christianity.

He's reached out to Statist dictators, and marginalized our traditional allies. Good grief, in the Honduras kerfuffle his sided with the president that tried a junta, and spoke against the other branches of their government that prevented yet another South American dictatorship. Created sanctions that did economic damage to that already poor county, and the people suffered even more. Compassion Mr President? Doing so he sided with Communist thugs Castro, Chavez and the rest of the brutal oppressors of freedom in the region. In fact, dictators and their murderous thugs worldwide applauded his decision.

Do these dictators, the enemies of freedom, believe for a second when Obama says "there will be consequences" for (enter any threatening behavior) that he'll truly do anything? Obama gives hope alright; to the enemies of western civilization and freedom, that they can bring the America down.

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