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Sunday, November 22, 2009

New Statist Blog Site Created to Attack the Catholic Church

Attacking the Church is nothing new for Statists, but they do seem to find new lows to sink to.

Obviously the Church, religious people, and traditionalists recognize that marriage between a man and a woman is the foundation of civilization. Statists want to break that down and destroy the institution of marriage; another tool to destroy liberty and have State control of everything. Recently Washington DC city council imposed same sex marriage on its citizens with no referendum. They just made the decision, and the Catholic Church spoke out against it.

In retaliation, Phil Attey, the Obama Pride coordinator in Washington DC., created a web site, Church Outing to find and expose homosexual priests. Attey is a long time militant gay activist. This guy thinks the church supporting traditional marriage, and not the alternatives, is a harmful new direction for the church. News flash! Two thousand years, same view.

Don't know if going on a search and destroy mission of priests is going to further the gay activist cause. The Church is having to close many social services in DC because those services, to continue, have to obey city laws which violate the Church's principles.

Full article here.

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