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Thursday, November 5, 2009

Ft Hood Man Made Disaster

Maj. Nidal Malik Hasan, a Muslim, murdered and wounded a lot of people today at Ft Hood. He was a US Soldier, an Officer, a mental health professional, a Army psychiatrist that had practiced for years in Bethesda, Md.

Islam teaches that their religion comes first. Above all else. Including country. If I were a soldier, and I knew that a Muslim is fighting beside me, can I trust him? What does that do to unit cohesion?

What about Muslims in this country? I'm still waiting for the outcry and denunciations for 9/11. I'm watching news sources tonight, and not seeing Muslims denouncing, or showing grief or concern. NBC and CBS didn't announce he was Muslim. This is a case of political correctness run amok.

In WWII Japanese were interned in camps. A grievous act to be sure. To prove their allegiance to America, they joined in the fight, enlisted, formed a unit, and killed so many bad guys they became the most decorated unit in the war.

Compare that to what we have now. We have CAIR (Council on American-Islamic Relations) an anti-Semitic organization that are apologists for anti-American Muslims and terrorists. That have funded terrorist organizations, laundered money for them, and who knows what else. Don't see any American Patriots there. Don't see any Muslims, rising en masse, to crush Islamofascist Terrorism.

I grieve for the lost soldiers. They were being deployed, many of the men and women for the third or forth time, to fight for and protect the freedoms of Muslims, as well as to protect this country from Islomofascists.


Lara said...

Regarding this and your previous post --

On the one hand, it's so frustrating seeing how people are so hesitant to acknowledge that A+B=C.

And with the current political climate, it seems as if any disagreement with the powers that be will be labeled as "racist."

On the other hand, I must acknowledge that I am a coward, that I am not willing to endanger my job by speaking out. (Believe me, it would definitely be hazardous to my employment, despite what anyone might say to the contrary.)

It's a dangerous time when expression of certain thoughts is verboten.

I dare not say more, sorry.

Thank you for speaking out for us cowards.

Metaphysical Peregrine said...

One must be judicious and pick one's battles, which isn't always a display of cowardice. There's a lot of talk show hosts and their callers, and conservative writers, that have expressed what I did here. I'm proud to say I wrote this before they said it. It was a matter of timing, but I'll give myself the credit for being cutting edge saying what's right and needs to be said.