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Tuesday, August 18, 2015

Veterans Administration Still an Epic Fail

Yesterday or the day before I heard Our Dear Leader has come up with a plan for heroin addicts. Same stuff that failed in the 1970’s. It’s something Statists do always, find failed policies and programs of the past and try them again. I wasn’t even aware this was an issue any more than it’s always been. Put this in the distraction file. Change the focus on important stuff going on.

Like the still terrible failure of the Veterans Administration. Heard anything about it recently? Remember the kerfuffle of Vets dying because they couldn’t get treatment? Any word from the Jurassic Press? Any comments from the political class? The Choice Act became law in August 2014.

This was to address the issue of having to wait more than 30 days to get an appointment. For awhile more Vet’s got better service. Now wait times are up 50%. It’s even worse. This, by the way, is government healthcare, and what leftists/Dems want all citizens to suffer, while they, the political elite and their financiers, opt out.   

Vets trying to set up appointments are told they’ll get a callback with the date and time, and they just don’t get it. Or scheduled appointments are canceled and the Vet isn’t told until he/she shows up. This is the same trick the VA was using before the Choice Act. Schedule an appointment within the required 30 days so all looks good, but the cancellation isn’t documented, or buried somewhere.

Vets can get Choice Cards, use it to go to the non-government doctor, and services are supposed to get paid through the VA. That’s the workaround if the Vet has to wait more than 30 days for an appointment. The cards are limited in what they cover, and often the VA doesn’t pay up. A lot of doctors have caught on and refuse Choice Card holders service because in all probability they won’t get paid.

More medical staff has been hired for VA hospitals, but the problem remains. Not surprised by this. The Obama Administration hates the military and Vets and could give a fly. The Choice Act with no follow up and enforcement is typical. Address the optics of something politically embarrassing (and ignore the morality of an issue), get a small band aid to make it look like they care and something is being done; then the Jurassic Press slobbers all over what a great guy Our Dear Leader is and how effective and caring and wonderful. Then the problem is brushed away.

What I can’t find is how many deaths are still resulting in bad administration. Just a lot of the political class saying they’re going to address the problem.  


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