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Sunday, August 30, 2015

Obama's Neglect of Our Military - Frightening

The reign of Obama has seen both Law Enforcement and Military attacked. The Left/Blacks are attacking police and even executing them, and the military is getting cut back to ineffective levels.

In addition to personnel levels being slashed, hardly anyone is enlisting. About the only thing our Dear Leader is on board with is letting homosexuals (now a PC blocked word so I’m joyful to use it) and transgenders, in along with all the other Leftist social desires being enforced. That’s about it on military readiness from our alleged commander in chief. The state of our military is a shambles. We’re in a state reflective of where we were before WWI and WWII. This is seriously disconcerting since the UN, Obama, Democrat Party, EU, China and Russia are all on board helping Iran become a nuclear power with the primary intention of wiping the Jewish people off the face of the earth. Not surprising given all of them are anti-Semitic. Yes, that includes Obama.

Since Our Dear Leader came to power, our intelligence assets have been pretty much wiped out, our military overseas presence nearly nonexistent, our military strategy reduced to letting ISIS, Iran, Hamas etc. have their way while he has drones flying around killing people with notable “collateral damage”.

When our alleged commander in chief illegally got involved in Libya (now it’s worse than when we got involved) by ‘leading from behind” (is there a more stupid concept of leadership?) he pretty much got our allies to withdraw any support for the US, or at least wholly mistrust us.

Of course Russia has begun again, under this administration, noting its lack of support or care for the military, its communist imperialism, and China is on the move militarily.

His distorted view of leadership has ISIS and Iran on the rise. He withdrew from the area, causing their rise, and he blames Bush. I said in the February after his election, when he was already blaming Bush, and has on everything he’s failed at since, that he’s not a leader. Anyone that’s been in a leadership position knows not to do that. A true leader simply identifies what’s what, and starts fixing it.

Our Armed forces have been decimated (fortunately not in the ancient Roman way), our military hardware (planes, rockets, military satellites) and our nuclear stuff is just flat out ignored and neglected.

Reports from the ranks shows demoralized people. That’s seriously bad. I was in the Navy during the Carter years, and attitudes were abysmal. Speaking of the Navy, we have the least amount of ships since the 1930’s; our first line of defense. Military strategists say we need of minimum of 346. We have 273. This alleged commander in chief has made it abundantly clear he wants to speed up America’s decline, and creating an ineffective, demoralized military is part of it.    

We not only are in bad shape, but in dangerous shape. I suspect China, Russia, Iran, ISIS and the rest of the emboldened enemies of the United States will be stepping it up in the next year plus to get as much accomplished militarily as they can with this alleged commander in chief that sees white people, conservatives, traditionalists and Christians more of a threat to America than any of the enemies mentions above. 

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