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Sunday, June 14, 2015

Uncaring Media Victimizing Molestation Victims Jill & Jessa Duggar for Profit and Ideolgy.

Josh Duggar Family

I have been, for the past couple weeks or more, reading lots of media stories, and Leftist postings on Google Plus and Facebook, seeming to take great joy in pointing out a professed Christian, Josh Duggar, gone wrong. When he was a juvenile he molested his sisters. A horrible horrible thing.

To cover this story the juvenile records of Josh Duggar were released, both legal and media ethics violations. The two girls, Jill Duggar Dillard and Jessa Duggar Seewald, also juveniles at the time of the molestations, have been forced to relive those years. This has been a crushing ordeal for them, to the point of Jessa Seewald said in an interview “The past two weeks have been a thousand times worse for us,” than the abuse itself.

There should be media malpractice laws for this like the medical profession has. The media released a police report regarding juveniles and should be punished. The police report existed because at the time Josh’s parents reported it to the police. They also sent him to a camp to get him away, plus got him counseling. There were no further incidents. It happened twelve years ago.

He confessed at the time, then asked forgiveness and did penance, the correct Christian model. Plus, in light of recent unethical and illegal reporting Josh Duggar resigned his position at the Family Research Council. The parents did the right thing at the time. The juvenile records were sealed. Those were leaked or released. Then followed all the hate posts, the mocking from anti-Christian bigots promoting their meme that all Christians are evil immoral hypocrite monsters and liars.

That is nothing more than exploiting the victims for ideological reasons. Plus to sell the story for profit. Jessa Seewald: “I feel like in this situation, we're again helpless as to the people handing over this report and then the tabloids taking that and - and printing that, sensationalizing it and really using it for their own profit.”

Secularists, atheists, the Left, are only about destruction, and have no shame and no morals and no ethics. As an example, serial exploiter of women Bill Clinton (also accused of rape) gets a pass. What a minor did a dozen years ago is fair game, further bringing pain, opening old wounds of two young women. Rush Limbaugh became addicted to pain killers several years ago, asked for forgiveness, and did penance (gave up his show for several weeks and went to rehab). To this day, Leftists still call him a drug addict and hypocrite.

There is no understanding, care, compassion or forgiveness in the hearts and minds of secularists, atheists and Leftists. They only have black hearts that is the core of their ideology. 

 These women show more intelligence and wisdom than any in the shameless media.


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