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Sunday, June 14, 2015

The Myth We've Moved From Homogenized to Multicultural Nation, When It's the Other Way Around

Some thoughts on diversity; some on tolerance, but mostly diversity. This is all a hat tip to the writings of Charles Murray (from the latest issue of “Commentary” magazine, see also his book Coming Apart).

There is, and has been, much miseducation from history teachers to the Media (who are usually misinformed and relay that, or willfully misinform to fit their ideology). The standard idea is that the beginning of America, the population was homogenous. White Europeans with the same beliefs and ideologies. But, first were the Puritans, a pretty strict group. Then came the Cavaliers, most seriously poor and came as indentured servants, not so strict. Then came the Quakers. Then came the Scots, who where pretty fee wheeling. They all had major different ideologies and practices. Subcultures that allowed each other, tolerated each other, and for the most part worked together. There were of course some conflicts.

They had serious differences, and one could say this was multicultural country. Religion, family, food, what behaviors were accepted or punished, and sex were all different. They were as different as any of the ethnic differences we experience in today’s society. Over the years millions of Irish and Germans came. Big cultural differences. Many of the early settlers were escaping religious persecution. Now there was an influx of Catholics into what had been exclusively a Protestant population. Then there were the Scandinavians. Then after the Civil War, Black culture began to emerge. Now we have a huge multicultural population. Then the influx of Italians, Eastern Europeans, and Russians. Yet more cultural diversity, multiculturalism.

There followed a break in immigration due to law changes and the First World War. That slowed things down. With WWII, out of a population of 131 million, about 18 million served. All thrown together. All kinds of socio-economic diversity was combined. Radio and TV drew people together more as those developed and gained influence.

All that diversity, all the multiculturalism happening. Yet people did share some things in common. Beyond that folks just wanted to be left alone, and be part of the uniqueness of their specific subculture too. It’s been like that for a while. It looks like now we have four major subcultures in play; Latinos, Whites, Blacks, Asians. Demographic projections show Whites being a minority by 2050. Up until the last decade or so, each group and the more minor ones had let others live and let live.

There could be a continuation of the multiculturalism, diversity and tolerance that existed at the beginning. (No it was not pure and smooth sailing.) Each group has pretty much the same geographic areas as they’ve always had. Latinos are still mostly in the Southwest for example. It turns out where one lives is the primary determining factor of multiculturalism.

In a big city, most of your contacts are secondary, your life hassles, bills, trash pickup, police, fire, and courts are taken care of by faceless bureaucrats. In most of the county, which have smaller towns (500,000 and less [18% of towns are under 25,000]), people are known to each other, or they know of each other. That includes the politicians and bureaucrats. This last group of people in smaller towns and cities are reminded daily that they are in fact servants of the people. They live with them, see them, and are associated with them in many ways. So there’s some bending of rules and accommodations made. In metropolises there’s enforcement without flexibility by faceless people.

Now comes the sad part. The big city people have a mindset, and have gained the power, to enforce their political and cultural view on everybody across the fruited plain. [Mostly from the Northeast corridor and West Coast.] They think everyone should have the same worldview as them. It’s an inflexible view, and the people are secondary. Apparently there must be a lot of necessary supervision and oversight in these big urban populations. Not so much with smaller populations.

So we have everyone being forced to be pro-homosexual, pro-gay marriage, accepting of ‘climate change’ and intolerant of those who disagree that ‘climate change is happening because of humans', Liberal and intolerant of Conservatives, Secularist and intolerant of Christians, intolerant of traditional mores and values, and all in for “Progressivism”, or else. That or be hounded out of job, income, family destroyed.

This country was founded on the idea you could live the life you wanted, believe what you will, and allow others to do the same. That apparently is now longer allowed. You must obey the urban based values and principles, central government, and entertainment elites.

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