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Tuesday, March 31, 2015

The Indiana Kefuffle and the Government & MSM Movement to Destroy Christianity

Usually I let the bullying Left, the Democrats and the rest, that want to throw out the Constitution, not let me get so pissed off. This Indiana thing has lit my rockets! The Left have governors of other states trying to do economic damage to Indiana. The Jurassic Press is doing what they always to, and celebrities (just shut the hell up and sing or act) spout off without having a clue. Jocks too. What the hell does Barkley know about the law? Has he even read the damn thing? Highly doubt it. I haven’t heard him say he has. What the hell? Those Leftist governors whose own states are in a mess should shut the hell up too. Then again, Leftists don’t believe in States’ Rights, only centralized government, so they feel free to join in.

So we have extreme Leftist totalitarians of old, which headed up the Federal Religious Restoration Act over 20 years ago, including anti-Semite, anti-Christian racist Barry Obama that signed the Illinois’ Restoration act; and a bunch of other Leftists that were for it before they were against it. The answer these haters of Christians and the Law have is that the Indiana law has language that is anti-gay. What a giant tank of horse manure. There is no such language. There’s no aggression, only protection of 2,000 plus year old belief systems. Good grief.

What’s really set me off are Christians that buy into this. It’s obvious the homosexualist movement has been running Christian businesses out, destroying lives. None of this would be happening if they went to where they would get the services they wanted, and not try and destroy, like kids breaking toys, when they didn’t get their way. I say homosexualist movement because it’s not about civil rights, it not about discrimination, it’s not about love, it’s not even about who you’re pokin’. It’s about being anti-Christian, anti-Semite, anti-traditional, and anti-business. It’s all about bringing down everything that works, destroying lives, to empower government.

What’s setting me off about Christians thinking like this, is they are putting Government before God, before scripture, and rejecting the teachings of Christ and the Apostle Paul. These “Christians” are entering that arena like American Jews, that don’t even bother to identify themselves as Jews, and put the government first, before Torah and God. Even though it is governments that have slaughtered millions of Jews throughout history, over 70% of American Jews vote Democrat, the Party of Big Government oppression. The anti-Semitism of that Party stuns me, and the virulent anti-Semitism of this president is scarier than just about anything I’ve seen or experienced.  

The other thing about this is the underlying current in all this Indiana kerfuffle, that to believe the Leftist hype is to believe that Christians inherently are anti-gay, hate gays, don’t support gays. If you claim to be a Christian, you had best rethink your position on this, or renounce Christianity, because lies, destruction and an all-powerful central government is what you worship. Not God.

The Federal Government and nineteen states have had this legislation for up to twenty years and not a peep until now. The Restoration laws have never ever been used to discriminate against gays. But Christians are having their lives destroyed, and want some protections. Not exactly working, because many Christians have lost their livelihood and have had lives destroyed in states that do have the Restoration law in place (plus the alleged protection of the Federal Law).

Just lies lies lies lead by anti-Semite, anti-Christian Barry Obama, his political Party, and his sycophant press that writes fiction to protect their secular Savior, the false prophet Obama, instead of Jesus Christ, whom they hate.

Ultimately this is about the government lead anti-Christian movement. Any totalitarian government, knowing history, knows to finally triumph, it must marginalize, if not destroy, Christians and Jews.


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