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Tuesday, March 24, 2015

Leftist/Feminist Fabricated Rape Culture, Their War on Men and Women.

One of the latest of the Left’s/Democrat ginned up lies, creating a crises where none exists is the “rape culture’ that exists primarily on college campuses. The meme, put out there by no less than the liar in chief, Barak Obama, is one in five women on campuses are raped during their college years. He claimed that it’s being tolerated.

At the outset, let it be said, rape is horrible, it’s a horrendous crime and must not be tolerated.

“Rape Culture” doesn’t exist anymore than “assault rifle”. Just made up stuff. Goes back to the idea of who controls the language controls the culture. Go back ten or so years you won’t find mention of it. Some fabricators have even claimed one in four college women are raped. The one in five bit was created by the 2007 Campus Sexual Assault Study. It was an online questionnaire! Sexual assault including kissing! The one in four Leftist/Feminist fantasy goes all the way back to the late 1980’s was the Ms Foundation (remember them?) later revealed the majority of women (about 73%) didn’t even think they had been raped.

An actual study using solid social science methodology found under 3% of college women have been raped. Horrible, but not 20+ percent.

Are men overwhelmingly lust filled out of control rapists? Earlier this year the Leftist alleged “newsmagazine” Newsweek reported a study that a third of college men are rapists or would gladly be rapists. Study sample? 83 men. These were guys from the University of North Dakota. They got extra credit for participating in the survey. Good grief.National news?

So we get down to the Department of Justice, as corrupt as it is, reported at the end of last year that 0.61% of college women are subject to sexual assault. It was after this report that Barry kept saying one in five. His own department.

As I’m writing this, I’m reminded of that sad creature Andrea Dworkin (sometime in late 1970’-80’s? said that all sex is rape. How does one even have a conversation with such knuckleheads?

All this last manifested itself in the Rolling Stone fictional story of a gang rape. There was no party at the frat house that night, the woman making the claim was seen elsewhere that night by at least three people and a whole bunch of other lies were revealed. The guy she named didn’t even exist. Here’s a Leftist/Feminist quote that summarizes their view of journalism, “We should believe, as a matter of default, what an accuser says.” And “to let fact-checking define the narrative would be a huge mistake”. It’s the narrative, not the truth that important. How does discuss or argue with this idiocy?  Remind anyone of Dan Rather saying much the same thing when he was caught fabricating the military record of GW Bush?

When looking at the campuses where all this is allegedly going on, Duke, Occidental, University of Michigan, Stanford, Auburn, all having major rape stories, are all Leftist Universities. Looking over the reporting I don’t see any Christian or Traditional values colleges having all this going on.

I’m thinking, moral codes work. Traditional values work. Applied scripture works. Men and women respecting one another, honoring one another, works.

Plus the other big takeaway, Leftists lie for power and control. Lie to bully and demonize. Lie because the truth would destroy them. So they have to concoct the idea that the narrative is more important that the truth. That’s the sad truth. That these specific lies are destroying peoples lives, and the institutions they belong to makes no diff to them.  

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