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Sunday, February 9, 2014

The History of the Democrat Party's War on Women Going Back to the Late 1800's

Several times in this blog the racist past of the Democrat Party has been documented, most fully here. Through their control, the willingness of the Jurassic Press, and the indoctrination system mistakenly identified as our "education" system, most believe it's Republicans and Conservatives that are the racists.

In the last election cycle, and continuing even a year and more later, the "war on women" continue to be a Democrat Party, Jurassic Press, "education" mantra attributing it to Republicans and Conservatives.

The actual history of this "war on women", like racism, is all Democrats, and can most notably be traced back to the late 1800's, like the racist pro-slavery Civil War fomented by the racist Democrats.  The current propaganda is because Republicans, Conservatives, Christians, don't think the general taxpaying public should be forced to pay for abortion on demand and any time during a pregnancy, including partial birth abortion, and the same should pay for contraception, then that constitutes a war on women and misogyny.

Just like the slavery laws, KKK laws, lynching laws, Jim Crow laws, racist anti-black civil rights laws and voting laws, the laws against women's rights are Democrat Party supported and enforced laws.

Republican A.A. Sargent of California introduced 19th amendment in 1878, to give women the right to vote. Shot down by the Democrat controlled Congress. Utah by the way, passed legislation in 1870 allowing women to vote. The Democrat Congress overturned that legislation by passing the Edmunds-Tucker Act of 1882, oppressing the right of women to vote. That legislation did some other illegal things as well, but not the topic here.

The Republicans continued to bring up the right of women to vote every year since Sargent introduced it, and it was denied, tied up in committee, until 1874 when Democrats finally allowed a floor vote, and it did not pass 34-16. Women and Republicans decided to go the states rights route, and Republican controlled states, Wyoming, Colorado, Idaho, and beginning the 20th century Washington and California followed suit.

The midterm elections of 1918 saw Republicans swept into federal office, and the Democrats lost the majority. Republican Rep. James R. Mann brought the 19th Amendment back up, and lo and behold, with the Republicans in the majority, it passed! It had to be ratified, and 26 of 36 states did, all of them with Republican legislatures. Twelve Republican states had given women the right to vote before it became federal law.

There you have it, the long sordid history of the Democrats war on women. It continues, but you won't hear about it in the Jurassic Press and the Democrat Party covers it up by blaming someone else with their lies. 

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