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Sunday, May 12, 2013

Scott Pelley, CBS News Anchor, Owns Up to Horrible Journalism (vid)

Scott Pelley, CBS News Reader Anchor, accepting a journalism award, takes to task journalists, pointing out  how a lot of stories recently have been dead wrong. Admitting one has a problem is the first step. It's what happens when blinded by ideology. The Jurassic Press is more interested in supporting the president and his political party, and attacking the alternative press, so much so that it can only tell lies. Kudos for stating a part of the problem. He's managing editor of CBS (alleged) News. CBS News, after eight months has finally spent a couple minutes on Benghazi, where Obama and Sec of State Clinton took no action and let American Citizens be slaughtered by Islamofascist Terrorists, covered it up, then covered up the cover-up  Let see if he takes his own advice.

His speech starts and 14min in. It's out of sync; I've tried several sites and all I could find are.

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