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Saturday, May 11, 2013

"Common Core" The Federal Education Program for the "Good of the Collective"

Common Core is the newest installment of the federal government's efforts to collectivize children, to educate them according to the needs of the State. It started with the Dept of Education in the 1970's which centralized education, taking it away from the states. Can anyone honestly say kids are coming out of school are more knowledgeable since the take over? Take a look at the tests and curriculum before the 1970's compared to now. Now it's about ensuring kids come out without math skills, speaking and writing badly, no knowledge of history or civics. What they do come out as are little drones obedient to the State. Whatever happened to simply teaching the three R's? It worked at the local level for over two hundred years. The problem for the State is it also taught personal achievement, personal responsibility, and how to think for oneself. Can't have that now. 

The program has standardized testing which is problematic to some teachers and parents. What federal standardized testing does is allow the State to determine what is taught. We have a government and political/socio-economic elite that is re-writing history as Orwell predicted to control the present, indoctrination to obey the State, and is anti-religion (specifically anti Christian). It indoctrinates kids to reject individual responsibility and to work for the "collective". Yes, the proponents of this program actually use that word.

Charter schools, magnet schools, private schools and home schoolers are all subject to this Statist takeover of education. 

Below is a great explanation of what this program is about. Glenn Beck has been demonized by the Left\Democrats\fascists\ totalitarians as an attempt to get people to avoid, dismiss and insult him. They've done the same to Rush Limbaugh, and did it to Mitt Romney during the presidential campaign. You'll be hard pressed to find, on any issue, Leftists to address the topic at hand with cogent arguments, only insults to and about the person that opposes them. Don't believe, be a free thinker, and listen to the other side if you're a Leftist\Statist. We conservatives have that opposing few rammed down our throats 24/7 so we can't help but know what our opposition is saying. 

I find it not so amazing the same people for this centralized planning of education tore down "No Child Left Behind", attributed to GW Bush but primarily written by Democrat Ted Kennedy and his staff. The thing that chaffed them is tests. Go figure. 

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