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Thursday, December 20, 2012

The Searchers: A Quest for Faith in the Valley of Doubt by Joe Loconte

This is long to be sure, but worth the time. Profound, moving inspirational. Healing, Christianity lived, joy, love, courage, rescue, moral beauty. Christ as the transformation. Serve God, or seek Him. If you seek you do not know God. If you're not serving Him, who are you serving? Facing grief and loss and the development of faith. Thoughts on Christianity, religion, history and civilization. The need for religious liberty to pursue the truth of reality. 

 After watching this, the book is definitely on my to read list. From Amazon book description:
Never before had they known such hope. 
 In a world drenched in violence and oppression, here was a man armed with a message of peace and freedom. Into lives nearly overwhelmed by grief and sorrow, he brought compassion and healing and the deepest joy. To people who felt like outcasts and aliens, he showed the way home. And then, in one devastating night, all their hopes collapsed. 
This is where our story begins—in the valley of despair. It is a tale of two friends, a stranger, and a search for truth in a world gone mad with doubt. 
Historian Joseph Loconte unlocks the meaning of their exchange, set in the chaotic days following the execution of Jesus of Nazareth. Drawing from literature, film, philosophy, history, and politics, Loconte shows how this biblical drama is an integral part of our own story. Sooner or later, we will find ourselves among the searchers.

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