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Sunday, December 23, 2012

Christmas and Criticism

One of the things about criticism is one should be or do better, or have something better to offer than what one is criticizing. Every year at this time intolerant, narrow and closed minded anti Christian bigots mouth off. The way they mouth off is rude and aggressive. One would think if attacking Christianity, which strives for love, hope, charity, peace, caring and compassion, the criticizer would show the same and then some.

Unless, I guess, these people are advocating for hate, selfishness, war, personal conflict, and not giving a damn about anyone else.

If these secularists, humanists, atheists and the like think they are superior human beings because the reject God, that they can live better lives, how does the disrespect and rudeness they attack Christians and Christmas every year a reflection of that? How does mockery show superior knowledge and behavior?

There are, and have been through time, billions of us who have felt in our lives the presence of God. The personal influence, the miraculous transformations in our lives, the linkage of everything in the design of the universe, are all so apparent to those billions of people through time. In the lives of those, incredible philosophy, writing, thought, architecture, music, charities, hospitals have been created.  

What have the insulting and mocking secularists, humanists and atheists contributed but more hate, narrow mindedness, intolerance and bigotry? What personage among them has changed thinking and history, even a little bit, as Jesus and the Apostle Paul?

Because they have nothing to offer, they demand crosses be taken down all across the land, Christmas and Easter be taken off the calendar, nativity scenes be removed from the public square (that term implies it belongs to all citizens, not just atheists), no mention of Christ in public, no prayer in public. All as if removing and denying the existence of something that brings love and goodness to billions of people is a good thing, then offering intolerance and hate as a replacement benefits culture and relationships improves people and civilization.

I'm going to be rude in turn here. The people that think that are stupid.

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